Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday April 18 2014 - e3000

Today I am wearing my greenish leggings with rainbow sandals. I am working at home today. But when I go out later today, I will change to my new women skinny blue jeans and black flats.

I have a long way to go before I can feel comfortable wearing leggings, even the ones with pockets and a sandal with heels.  I will probably start wearing the leggings this fall but heels will wait until I present 100% women.

I am excited because next week is my session with e3000, the Dallas electrology firm for T-girls. I have been going since January 2013 and I am almost finished. I will miss the owners. They are so nice. I hardly shave anymore (lightly once a week). I probably have 4 or 5 more sessions. It seems that every three or four sessions treat my full beard cycle. Then when the cycle restarts, there is significantly less hair. I started with 14 hour sessions and I am now down to 6/7 hr sessions (1/2 day with two techs or full day with one). This is the last of this cycles' session. The next session will probably start the last set of sessions at  4 hour per session.

I travel from Metro Atlanta to Dallas. The first time I drive with my late BFF. Then I found Megabus. Recently Megabus changed their schedule and I must fly from ATL to DFW but I will take the megabus back to Atlanta. The Megabus goes thru Memphis, TN with a bus transfer there.

Its a 3 hour wait, but I walk 2 blocks to Westys Restaurant. The food is great, it has a large TV for sports, welcomes Megabus customers, free WIFI and friendly service.

Taking the Megabus is cheaper than driving, I can work on my PC on the bus using my phone as a hotspot, when going thru major towns with 4g, watch movies using Redbox and sleeping. Most times I get two seats to myself. If I have someone sitting next to me, sometimes we have good conversations. One guy knew my parents (small world).

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