Saturday, March 25, 2017

Saturday March 25, 2017 - An HRT Drawing story

This a video from a transwoman who made a set of drawings about her life on HRT. Everyones experience on HRT will be different.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday March 24, 2017 - Purchased 2 new bras

I purchased two new bras this week. I was looking for a basic black and a basic white bra. But I could not fine either one at my new store.

The blue bra below is similar to one I purchased in size 36B. I like the lace and its coverage. I have some room to grow in this bra and its understates me.

The black laces bra was my first front clasp bra. Its difficult to clip but its padded and gives me a bustier look. I wore it under my black/white top on Thursday and I really liked the look.

I am still going to hunt for a basic black and a basic white bra. But I have a nice set of 36C bras for now. I am going to donate my 36B bras next week.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday March 23, 2017 - Doctor's appointment

Traffic in Atlanta is terrible and getting worse. I left in plenty of time to make my appointment today. Its my third quarterly appointment.

I was caught behind two bad accidents and missed my appointment. I had to reschedule for next Thursday.

I was upset, but I take it in stride now. I just turned around and went home. I have so much work to do, I decided not to go shopping today.

If you followed this blog over the years, you may remember that I would be out shopping most of the day for shoes, clothes and beauty items during an appointment day. Its just not as big a priority for me now. Next Thursday, I will plan to shop after my appointment.

Today I wore my black short sleave top with some grey skinny pants, black flats and black/white coat. I noticed that I need to get some sun on my body. My skin needs to tan because since I was covered over the fall and winter, my face is a little to dark when compared to my body. This happens every year. I am going to the beach Saturday and will try and get a tan.

My coat did not fit right. I love this coat but my larger breasts push out the coat's neckline and the collar does not sit right.

But the top fits better because of the larger breasts and the fullness above the collar which has a nice box cut across my chest.

Here are a couple of quick pictures.

Too much shadow over my face makes it took a little darker than the above picture.

Thursday March 23, 2017 - I had a meeting with a transgender student

About two months ago, I was eating lunch at the college cafeteria and noticed a student with eyeliner and fake eyelashes. After I made my salad, I sat next to him and told him I liked his eyelashes. He smiles and thus began a discussion about being a transwoman.

Since, then we have met for lunch a few more times. Two days ago, He (I am going to use the male pronoun because of how he is presenting while in college) emailed me about wanting to talk about HRT.

Yesterday, we met for lunch. He stated that he talked to his parents and was interested in starting HRT and moving toward womanhood and SRS.

I spent 1 hour discussing the issue in detail with him.

First he stated that our previous meetings gave him the nerve to tell him parents. He only wished he could have done it while he was a pre-teen, so he could transition earlier. I smiled and said, I would like to have started HRT at 30 instead of 60 but its not about the past and at 21, he has 50 years or more to live as a woman, so do not worry losing 8 years. Also at 21, the hormones will still make a major change both physically and emotionally.

He likes and dates men, and finds being transwoman more difficult in his dating life. He would like to become a woman, so he can date "straight" men. I told him that transitioning is so much more that your sex life or even your dating life.

I went over with him, what HRT has done to me over the past 10 months. Physically, I love the feminine changes, but you lose your sex drive and your male part does not work the same. The mental changes are even more impactful.

I recommended that he needs to finish college (3 semesters away), go to graduate school and concentrate on getting highly educated, so he can get a high paying career that will allow him to transition easier. He is a sociology major.  Many graduate schools aggressively seek Morehouse College graduates so  he should be able to get a masters degree or PhD at no cost to him.

I discussed the elimination of his beard. Of course he shaves, but I could tell by his beard shadow, that he has a heavy beard. I showed him a picture of me, when I was a college student and that it took four years at over $10,000 to get rid of it.

I told him that while he is spending the next four years getting educated, he should eliminate his beard.

At the end, he agreed that he will wait and not start HRT now. His main reason is that he does not want to lose his sex drive and that he is successful at presenting as a part-time female. He wants to transition but sees that waiting until he is financially ready is very important.

I am not against his transition nor is starting of HRT, I just wanted him to understand the importance of being ready financially and reaching his maximum education level. It will make the transition so much easier.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wednesday March 22, 2017 - Eyebrows

Eyebrows help frame your face and can project a hint of femininity, even when in guy mode. In the late 1990's, I had my eyebrows permanently shaped by going to an electrologist. It made a difference in my look and nobody mentioned it.

Below is a nice inforgraphic about eyebrows. This is followed by two short videos. If you are not shaping your eyebrows, think about doing it yourself or have them done.