Thursday, April 10, 2014

My new wardrobe

Today I am going to start wearing leggings and skinny jeans with women flats. It will take me a few months to integrate this look 100% of the time.

Today, I wore a pair of leggings with a blue flat. These shoes have a bow (Payless) and I will not wear that flats with bows out in public. I will start with a more basic flat now. I will add more feminine flats by winter.

I like leggings and they look good on me with flats. However, I will probably wear my skinny jeans at first until I get more confident.

I have a pair of the shoes below and will wear those with a few other black flats I have. I will add my Payless Kens now. I own a pair of black and will add a few more colors with weekend. I bought some different color shoe strings so I can match the shoe strings with my clothes.

I own a pair of these in black.

I own a pair of these and will add some more colors this weekend.

Some of the shoe strings I bought, yesterday.

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