Friday, April 18, 2014

New City Seakers

I used an online coupon to purchase a couple of women sneakers for the summer and fall. I use Payless Shoes because I wear a size 12 and they have a every good selection (sometimes :-}).

I already own a black pair, so these two should cover most colors through the summer and fall. They were two for $20.00 online. This is the first time I bought a pair online and I am having them shipped to my local store.

I hope to have them next week. If so, I will take a pair to Dallas to wear every day with my new jeans. I do not want to wear my black pair because it will be warm in Dallas 80+ and the white pair or mixed color is more summer like.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Food Poisoning

Friday, I eat some bad food and got sick. I was out from Friday at 5 pm until 9 am Saturday. It's 1 am Sunday and I can finally eat again. I am going to swear off hot dogs for awhile. I was told they are not good for you. But I was hunger and had a busy morning and afternoon ahead. So I stopped at a gas station and bought a hot dog.

I laid around the house Saturday in my pink robe and fluffy slippers.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

My new wardrobe

Today I am going to start wearing leggings and skinny jeans with women flats. It will take me a few months to integrate this look 100% of the time.

Today, I wore a pair of leggings with a blue flat. These shoes have a bow (Payless) and I will not wear that flats with bows out in public. I will start with a more basic flat now. I will add more feminine flats by winter.

I like leggings and they look good on me with flats. However, I will probably wear my skinny jeans at first until I get more confident.

I have a pair of the shoes below and will wear those with a few other black flats I have. I will add my Payless Kens now. I own a pair of black and will add a few more colors with weekend. I bought some different color shoe strings so I can match the shoe strings with my clothes.

I own a pair of these in black.

I own a pair of these and will add some more colors this weekend.

Some of the shoe strings I bought, yesterday.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Feminizing my wardrobe

I am leaving my job of the past 30+ years to work full-time on my other business. The economy is growing and I can now make that business full-time. This is going to allow me to feminize my wardrobe.

First, I am going back to wearing women flats everyday. I use to do that back in the late 90's and early 2000's but got away from it. While I was wearing them, I had not issues in the public. Most people probably never looked and others did not care.

I use to wear the pair below in brown or black. I bought them through Women Within catalog.

I also had a part of these, which I wore out.

I also had a few pair in tan and blue. Basically my colors were neutral and it made me feel safer and kind of hind my feet in plain site.

However, this time I am going for a more feminine shoe. I will still keep some shoes like the ones above, but I am going to include some of the ones below.

I must get some flat boots with fur trim. I love this look with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans.

I love the mid calf height with the fur trim along the top. The blue jeans are OK, but the leggings or tights are sooooo cute.

Getting Started

I have so much to talk about, I do not know where to start. In the coming days, I will begin at the beginning, with the years leading up to today. I will start with my life history up until 2010, when you journey to womanhood started. I still hide Susan but she is so close to the surface. I am getting ready to "birth" out into the world in late 2014 or early 2015.

This is a picture of me getting ready to go out with Maxine to a club in Orlando in 2011. I love going out with her, but she is so pretty and feminine, she attracts all the attention. The party does not start until Maxine gets there.

I feel like a leftover,but I know I am learning from the best. I get my share of attention, but not like her.

I had hoped to become as confident as her and just meet everyone, laugh and have fun.But right now, I am too serous when I go out. I am too worried about how I look and what people will say.

I do not know what to do know because I do not feel safe enough to go out alone. ;-{

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lost by best Friend

I knew her for about 20 years. She knew me better than anyone else and I miss her so much. I was expecting her to be there to help me through this journey.

Maxine Summers
1969-2013 R.I.P

I met her at a club opening for a mutual friend of ours in 1992. We became friends and she keep me sane by being there to talk to while I was doing my manly duties and hiding Susan. She was someone I would go have a girls night out with. It was only a few time but I enjoyed eat outing so much.

We went on trips to Orlando and Dallas. We would get on each others nerves because she was so man crazy, it would create too drama. Especially Orlando and that guy from the club ;-}.

I loved going shopping with her because we would shop for girls stuff and she acted like there was nothing to it and I would be so nervous. Everyone knew it was for us because she would hold the dress up to me in public or we would  try on items. One time, at the wig shop,  a lady tried to use religion on us and Maxine quoted the bible better than she could.

Maxine was murdered in November of 2013 at her father's house. She was caring for him after her mother died in 2012.

I did not even know until 3 months later. I feel so much loss that I was not there at the funeral. I only found out because I did not hear from her for the holidays and her phone was cut off (which was not unusual) but she was never home (which was odd). I found out by doing a google search.

TV News Clip: CBS46 News

This is the main reason I am writing this blog. I need a way to heal the lost of my best friend and to find away to take this journey with someone, you the reader.

I had expected Maxine would be there to give me strenght and pick me up when I was down. To tell me if I was going in the right direction. To guide me through any man troubles.

She was there when I started electrology at e3000. She drove me to Dallas, drove me crazy while I was there and had her usual man problems. But I was so happy to have her there.

I had hoped we would go to the beach for a vacation in 2015, which will be the year I am ready to live full-time.

I know she is at rest now and I will miss her very much.

My first post

Hello world.

My name is Susan King and I am a lifelong transgender male to female. I want to use this blog to discuss my thoughts and activity as I finally tranisition into a more feminine male. I do not know where this will end and I hope you will enjoy this journey and learn something.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My everyday underwear

I might be 50+ years old, but I try to wear cute underwear everyday. I always match and try to match it with my outer wear. I may change up my panties from one color to multi-color to change the look and highlight my hips and bottom.

 The black underwear has a black racing bra with matching black panties and black tights. It was cold that day. Sometimes I will wear a black thong with red trim that highlights my hip and bottom area.

The white set has a white racing bra and white laced thong panties. I added a lace white camisole.

I was not that cold, so I did not add stockings. But I keep my legs shaved and lotioned.

I have this look in pink, red, brown and I just added a blue. I can switch panties to add more color to my bottom area.

I wear these whether in boy, femboy or girl mode. This allows me the always feel feminine, no matter the outer wear.