Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Wednesday May 31, 2017 - HRT @ 50 weeks

Its been awhile that every morning I get up, I need to put on a bra to get support. This morning I noticed that my breasts are filling out and seem to be getting heavier. I wear my 36C bra and I noticed today, that I am filling this bra size out.

I think I am getting closer to a 36D. If you look at the picture, I am filling the cups and the underwire are is begining to lift off of my body as the cups attempt to contain fuller breasts.

I am going to purchase a 36D bra, just in case. Because if I get another spurt, the 36C bra will become too small. Because of this continued growth, I have decided not to purchase too many bras at a given size.

I always wanted a B or C cup. But at a D or bigger will make my male presentation very difficult. If it happens that I become a D cup or bigger, I will have to deal with it.

My friend Karen suggested that I purchase some compression T-shirts. I think I will purchase a few of these shirts along with a couple of 36D bras.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday May 30, 2017 - Meeting with daughters

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my three daughter at their request, to discuss my transition. They were just wondering how things were going.

I told them how my mental and emotional states have changes for the better (link). Also, I have decided not to transition and present full time as a woman. That I am so happy that my dsyphoria is gone and I no longer have that constant drive to present female.

I now present how I want and when I want.

They felt much better after our talk and I was glad they wanted to talk about it.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday May 29,2017 - Memorial Day

I am going to take the grand kids swimming today.

Remembering those who gave the greatest sacrifice so we can enjoy our freedom to change.

Below is an interesting infographic about Memorial Day travel.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sunday May 28, 2017 - Which dress is best for your body type.

While shopping at Goodwill, I try on different dresses to figure out which dress looks best on me. Here is a nice guide I found that helps me out.

I have more of a Triangle or Rectangle look. In both cases, the shoulders are exposed and  a tight waist is highlighted.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday May 26, 2017 - Hip pain

Over the last two days, I have had hip pain in both hips. I have not had pain like this before. I can not tell exactly where the pain is, its just my whole hip area has a constant dull pain. It's not the fat area or a muscle cramp. It could be a ligament or an area around the bones. It feels most like my hips being out of place.

Everything I read states that HRT can only add fat to your hips and butt area to give it a more feminine look. Once your bones are set, HRT can not change them and that makes sense.

But I have had this pain for two days, which makes it hard to walk and sleep. During the day, if I sit for a long period of time, when I get up to walk, the pain is there.

At night, it is hard for me to lay down and I feel uncomfortable. It feels like my hips are not in alignment.  Its as though they are slightly twisted and out of alignment.

I do not know what it is. If it persists, I will go to my Doctor.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday May 25, 217 - Bra Inforgraphics

Great overview about bras.

Avoid Booby Traps: The Breast Guide to Bras

Bras are an essential part of your everyday life, but sometimes it's difficult to find the most suitable support. This infographic utilises the expert advice from Big Girls Don't Cry (Anymore) to give you invaluable tips for finding the right fit and the best bra for every occasion. via

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday May 24, 2017 - A transwoman almost died having a back alley orchidectomy.

So many in our community have tough obstacles to overcome.  Here is a story of a Transwoman attempting to have a "back alley" orchidectomy.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tuesday May 23, 2017 - 49 weeks of HRT

I am almost at my 1 year HRT anniversary. I can not believe how fast this year has gone.

Its raining today in Atlanta and I am in a reflective mood. I  am thinking about all of the changes in the past year.

For decades, I dreamed about this time. Now that I am in it, I am trying to enjoy everyday. I started this most recent journey in early 2010.

Now 7 years later, it was worth taking my time and doing it right.

  1. lost the weight (15 months), 
  2. had electrology  (48 months) and 
  3. now HRT with a supportive Doctor (11.5 months).

I do not plan on SRS or FFS. I like where I am both mentally and physically. I may end up presenting 24/7 as Susan but it in not a requirement at this time. I like that I can present how I feel on any given day. I now know that my family and friends will remain, not matter how I present.

Some of the important physical changes:

  1. I can no longer sleep on my stomach, unless I place a pillow under my breasts. Without a pillow, the pressure on my breasts cause them to hurt.
  2. I decided against wearing a bra to bed. But its the first thing I put on in the morning. I need the support and comfort.
  3. I love looking in the mirror. No matter how I am presenting, I look feminine and I love it. Its me. I got compliments all the time, whether as a male or female about how young I look for 61.
Some of the important mental changes:
  1. I do not let things stress me out.
  2. I stopped following sports and listen to music.
  3. When listening to music, its the words that are more important than the beat. It was always the opposite.
  4. I do not enjoy the action movies like I use to. Also horror and SiFi have changed. I need a nice story line and not just violence. I am not going to see the new Alien movie. Last year, I would have been first in line.

I can not wait to see how this plays out. There have been big changes in my social life, But I will discuss that around August or September as things play out.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday May 22, 2017 - Texas Anti-LGBTQ laws are very bad for our community

A variety of anti-LGBTQ bills, continue to move thru the Texas legislature and toward the Governor's desk.

Below is a highlights (lowlights):

1. Allow medical professionals to deny care to gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender people and emergency contraception for rape survivors.

2. Allow pharmacists to deny birth control to women and hormone therapy to trans people.

3. Allow state-funded adoption and foster care agencies to turn away applicants on religious grounds, denying parents who are LGBT, or even those who are Jewish, Muslim or atheist.

4. An amendment added at the last minute to a nursing care bill, HB 2950, would bar the Texas Board of Nursing from punishing discriminatory actions if they are committed in the service of a nurse’s “religious beliefs” ... a nurse could “cite his religious beliefs as a reason to refuse to care for a gay patient on the grounds that he believes homosexuality is a sin” or is against his faith. “A nurse who believes that men are the head of the household,” the group also notes, “could breach client confidentiality to disclose a woman’s medical condition to her husband against her wishes.”

5. Pharmacists could opt-out of the practices that are standard based on personal religious convictions. A pharmacist could decide not to fill a prescription for hormone therapy for a transgender customer ... Or a “pharmacist could use religion as a justification to refuse to serve African-American customers because they believes the Bible mandates the segregation of the races.”

6.  Two bills that would regulate legal services, SB 302 and SB 303, now have amendments which allow for religious refusal by state-licensed attorneys ... an attorney could deny his or her duty to inform a client about his or her rights in a divorce proceeding, for example, even trying to talk the client out of getting a divorce, all based on the attorney’s religious objection to divorce.


Of the six issues above, three of them (#1, #2 and #5) can affect HRT directly. It may not affect people in the major cities, but its the smaller cities where pharmacy options are limited.

These laws are creating a "Jim Crow" type system against our community. I think today's growing virtual economy will help off set this discriminating system. But its ridiculous that they we will have to deal with this.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday May 21, 2017 - New Trans Documentary June 23rd on Showtime.

The more our community is shown in a positive light, better for all of us.

SHOWTIME will debut MORE THAN T, a timely documentary that depicts the daily lives of seven transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals on Friday, June 23 at 7 p.m. ET/PT. 
In celebration of Pride Month, Showtime will make the documentary film available on the Showtime streaming service, Showtime ON DEMAND® and Showtime ANYTIME® starting on June 1. 
The 50-minute film is directed by Silas Howard (Transparent, The Fosters) and is produced by M·A·C Cosmetics and its philanthropic arm, the M·A·C AIDS Fund, as part of the Transgender Initiative launched last year to support organizations and programs working to improve transgender lives across the country.

MORE THAN T tells the illuminating and empowering stories of transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. Through Howard's lens, the film shines a light on their multidimensional lives and the unique experiences that challenge and enrich their individuality and their gender identities. In MORE THAN T, these members of the community share their passions, hopes for the future and life's work and how they battle the issues faced by the trans community at large. 
Filmed in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., the film highlights the intersectionality and diversity of human beings who refuse to be defined by the label of transgender. 
Since 1994, M·A·C Cosmetics has given more than $450 million to protect and support the LGBT community and others - More than T is the latest project in the brand's storied history that shines a light on the beauty of all people.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Fridaay May 19, 2017 - You never know what people are thinking.

When I started going out in late 2014 as a feminine boy (Femboy) and later as Susan, I was worried about public reaction. As I look back on it, I can not remember many reactions. But I did get some very positive reactions from woman.

I do remember the looks from people. We assume that the looks are negative. But what if.......

Below is a repost of a story I read on Reddit, yesterday. You never know what people are thinking when they stare.

This is why I believed that even though I could not pass, it was important for me to go out in a feminine style outfit. It not only helped me with my confidence but I think if helped the community understand that we do exist and I found out that the vast majority of people real do not care.

A positive experience with a stranger, or, why I transitioned this way. from transpositive

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday May 17, 2017 - Gay marriage support still growing

Society is becoming more tolerant as the Millennials take control over society based on their numbers and economic power.

The recent annual Gallup poll shows support for same-sex marriage continuing to grow.

Support grew 4% points over the past year and over 37% points (120+%) since 1996.

Support by Republicans grew faster than the other two groups. With a slight drop in the Democratic group. If it were not for the dip in the Democratic numbers, the overall growth would have been greater.

This is why most anti-gay organizations are going after Transgender issues and especially the bathroom issue as a wedge issue to go after gay rights. 

Same-sex issues will no longer move enough people to action. The bathroom issue will, so they include overall anti-gay attacks within the bathroom laws.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday May 16, 2017 - So Busy

The last few days and the next few weeks are a busy time for me. I have so much activity going on.

First it's, the end of the Spring Semester and my grades are due. It's the time when the "graduating" seniors are exciting and stressed. This semester I have mostly seniors and they must pass this class to graduate. Of course, a few will not pass and they try everything to get a last minute passing grade. I have been at this for over 35 years and know all of the excuses (I have then numbered, Lol), all the tricks and all the crying. I am not being mean but if you had 4 months to study and pass this class, and decided other things were more important, then you must live that those decisions. I do not flunk students, they flunk themselves based on their decisions. So far two seniors have flunked with another two on the edge. So it could be 4 out of 35, which is about right, 10%.

Second, I have taken on two large projects in the company, which has me working all out to meet some tight deadlines. I just do not have much time to put into posting for the next 4 to 5 weeks.

Third, I am coming up on 1 year on HRT and it now feels so normal. My body and mind have changed so much.

  1. My driving behavior has changed. I no long get upset or worry about crazy drivers. In the last few days, I had a driver pass by me a curse at me and another give me the finger. Those actions would have cause a negative reaction from me. But I just brushed it off. 
  2. I have not been following sports at all. I find it boring.
  3. The movies I like have changed. I am no longer interested I seeing the new Aliens movie. Action movies are OK, but I like a good story. I liked The Wall better than King Arthur.
  4. I still like SF books, But I think I am ready to find a good romantic book. A book with a good story line with developed characters.
  5. My body continues to slowly feminize and I feel great. With my dysphoria gone, I feel free to present how I want, when I want. I will present more female during the summer, with school out. 
  6. I am going to get back into the gym. I have a new goal to get my stomach measurement (35.5") to equal my bra strap measurement (34"). I like a challenge to motivate me. I want my stomach to be 34" and I want to show off my new figure. I will continue to present at the gym as a feminine male. So I will use the men's locker room.
I may miss a few days over the next month, but its only because of my schedule and changing priorities.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday, May 14, 2017 - Looking Thinner

This is a good short video about how to dress and look thinner. As transwoman, this can be very important. I like to dress and look thinner. Especially when I was pre-HRT.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday May 12, 2017 - Female Fashion

Many of us did not have the opportunity to learn about female fashion during of youth thru the normal trial and error or from Mom and friends.

There are at least three steps that will help you learn about female fashion and how to improve your appearance.

One of the things I like about female fashion is learning how to improve your look that must change over time.

For me:
1) My Skin Color is warm

2) My Shape is a Triangle

3) I am learning how to work with color

1) Skin Tone - Knowing your skin tone is important. It sets the base of your fashion.

2) Body Type - After knowing your skin tone, knowing your body type is next. This determines the best style for you.

3) Sense of Color - How colors interact within your wardrobe

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Thursday May 11, 2017 - 11 month HRT measurements

Below are my current measurements and the change since last month. The picture is followed by an explanation and then a table showing the monthly changes since I began HR on June 10, 2016.

The above chart shows my current measurements and the changes over last month. There were slight changes in a few of the measurements.

Overall I am happy with my results. As long as I keep my overall size  or  get a little smaller, I am happy. I still need to figure out how to get back into the gym.













45.0 43.0 43.0 41.0 41.0 42.0 41.5 42.5 42.0 42.0
ABOVE BREAST 37 37.0 37.5 36.0 36.5 36.5 38.0 36.0 36.5 38.0 37.5 37.0
BUST LINE 38 39.0 39.5 38.50 39.75 39.00 40.0 39.5 40.0 41.0 40.5 41.0
BRA BAND 36 35.0 35.5 34.75 35.0 34.25 34.5 34.0 34.0 34.5 34.0 34.0
WAIST@BELLY BUTTON 38 36.0 37.0 36.5 37.0 36.5 35.5 35.0 35.0 36.0 36.0 35.5
HIPS 40 40.0 40.0 40.0 39.5 39.5 39.5 39.0 39.0 39.0 39.038.0
THIGHS 37 37.0 37.0 36.5 36.0 36.0 36.5 36.0 36.0 42.0 37.0 36.0
HIPS VS SHOULDERS -- 5.0 5.0 3.0 2.0 1.5 1.5 3.0 2.5 3.5 3.0 4.0
BUST LINE VS ABOVE BREAST 1.0 2.0 2.0 2.5 3.25 2.5 2.0 3.5 3.5 3.0 3.0 4.0
BUST LINE VS BRA BAND 2.0 4.0 4.0 3.25 4.75 4.75 5.5 5.5 6.0 6.5 6.5 7.0

My physical goals for Month 12 were:
  1. Keep losing weight (did not work due to trying to cure blood sugar levels)
  2. Get my waist down to 34" (did not work due to  trying to cure blood sugar levels)
  3. Get increase in Bust line. (slowly going)

My physical goals for Month 12 are:
  1. Get calorie count back under control
  2. back in gym 
  3. Walking more everyday
  4. Try to keep losing weight 
  5. Get my waist measurement going down toward 34"

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wednesday May 10, 2017 - What is wrong with Texas?

The Texas Governor and legislature is going all out to make transpeople second class citizens. I suspect they are using us as a link to get to the general LGBT community in general.

But people are fighting back.

Look at these recent activities:

Gov. Abbott urges megachurch pastors to promote 'bathroom bill' support among congregations | Texas Legislature | Dallas News

AUSTIN - A pastor at a Dallas-area megachurch says Texas Gov. Greg Abbott contacted him and nine other churches, urging them to drum up support for a hotly debated "bathroom bill" currently bottled up in the Legislature.

"Bathroom bill" in House misses key deadline - but issue stays alive

A proposal to gut cities and school districts' trans-inclusive bathroom policiesdid not advance in the House ahead of a crucial deadline, nixing the measure's chances of getting a vote by the full chamber. But that doesn't mean that the issue itself is dead.

Texas Senate backs bill that could disqualify transgender student athletes

Editor's note: This story has been updated throughout. The Texas Senate on Tuesday gave initial approval to a measure that could keep transgender athletes from competing in high school sports. Senate Bill 2095 by Republican state Sen.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tuesday May 9, 2017 - Sleeping in a Bra?

About 2 weeks ago, I asked, on reddit, "If I should sleep in a Bra? Below, you can read some interesting responses (46 comments).

But for me, I decided not wear a bra at night. However, now its the first thing I put on when I wake up. I need it for support and comfort.

It use to be that I wore a bra for its sexiness and to help with my dsyphoria. Now it a necessity and this is a big change.

After 10.5 months of HRT, do I need to start wearing a bra at night? from asktransgender

Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday May 8, 2017 - More trans-youth demand transgender healthcare

I took this weekend off. I was so busy with giving and grading Senior finals along with hanging out late at night, I could think of anything to add to this blog. So I decided to take Saturday and Sunday off. I was just mentally exhausted.

I am back and ready to go. All of my grading will be complete by Wednesday. But then four large business projects will begin that will keep me busy over the summer.

No rest for the weary.

My 11 month HRT anniversary is Wednesday.

Below is an article about the rise is children and teens requesting Transgender healthcare. This new Generation Z (Post Millennials) is going to be very trans supportive.

More transgender youth demand medical treatment

It's a familiar refrain: The child knew from the beginning. Yet for many older transgender individuals forced to live inauthentically for years or even decades, medical treatments weren't available to ease the transition. That was before an Olympic gold medalist introduced herself as Caitlyn, teen transgender activist Jazz Jennings dished on dating, and a smattering of television shows depicted positive transgender characters.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Friday May 5, 2017 - Seven Facts About Gender You Should Know

7 Facts About Gender

In the past few months there have been an increasing number of attacks on the legitimacy of transgender and gender non-conforming people coming from both the left and the right. Most of these attacks stem from either a flawed understanding of gender, misrepresentation of evidence, or deliberate obtuseness.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thursday May 4, 2017 - Back to the gym.

I have not been in the gym in 5 months, as I worked to control my diabetes without medicine. I am finally able to keep my glucose level in the pre-diabetic range and hope to be in the normal range by fall.

I did my experimenting with food and then discovered that drinking plenty of water helped. If I drink about a gallon of water a day and maintain a strict no or low carb diet, I can get my level between 140 and 180. which is still high but not in the 400's where is was in September.

I can live on a no/low carb diet of salads, protein and granny apples.

I tract all of my water and food intake and daily activity. I noticed that when I am active either walking or working in the yard, I have lowered my level as low as 103.

So I need to return to exercising to add the workout necessary to lower my glucose level into the normal range of 70 to 110. I am now averaging 170, so I think the excising will help we get within that normal range.

I am still in good shape, as my weight has not changed much. But my shape has. Below are pictures of me in my outfits.

The first two pictures are 4 months Pre-HRT. I was thinner.

Feb 12, 2016

Feb 13, 2016

These next two pictures are me today and I am a little thicker. But I now know what to do about my glucose level, I am ready to trim down. I think with the sports bar, I can wear my feminine outfits even in boy mode without an issue. I was wearing these outfits since 2015. So I feel comfortable in them at the gym. Its my breast size that might be an issue, but I will see.

Sports Bra

Regular 36C Bra

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday May 3, 2017 - Google Trans healthcare national map.

This map has larger clinics that specialize is transgender health. There are smaller clinics around the country. This would include mine in Atlanta.

This is a good start.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday May 2, 2017 - Good short video on Bra storage and care

I have been learning how to take care of my bras. I have written a few previous posts about this issue. Of course, in the past, I never had to worry about caring for bras. But nice bras are expensive. So I am trying to learn how to make them last longer.

Currently, I am buying my bras from Thrift stores because my size continues to change. But once my size stabilizes, I am going to buy some really nice ones.

The left picture is my bra drawn with my 36B bras. The picture below is how I am storing my 36C bras. I need to find a draw for my 36C bras. I think I am going to but my larger bras in the draw and the smaller cup size in my closet.

Below is a nice short video about caring for your bras.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Monday May 1, 2017 - Stockings, I miss them

Growing up in the 1960's, one of my first crossdressing activities, was to wearing my mother's  nylon stockings and high heels. Decades later my mother told me that she always thought my sister was in her stockings.

I loved the feel and look of nylon stockings. I remember as a child, learning how to wear them by watching my mother. I would wear them and watch TV in my parents room for hours.

In adulthood, as I attempted to satisfy my dsyphoria by adding female trouser socks, sometimes nylon knee hi stocks and tights (winter) to my male wardrobe.

Now that I have female outfits, it's too bad that stockings are no longer part of everyday fashion. I think they are become outdated because our current lifestyles allow most women to have naturally prettier legs without marks and pedicures that allow women to show off their feet and nails.

I still have stockings, trouser socks, tights and nylon knee hi socks, but I rarely wear them. Many of them are still in their package.

Below is an infographic about various woman hosiery.