Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My everyday underwear

I might be 50+ years old, but I try to wear cute underwear everyday. I always match and try to match it with my outer wear. I may change up my panties from one color to multi-color to change the look and highlight my hips and bottom.

 The black underwear has a black racing bra with matching black panties and black tights. It was cold that day. Sometimes I will wear a black thong with red trim that highlights my hip and bottom area.

The white set has a white racing bra and white laced thong panties. I added a lace white camisole.

I was not that cold, so I did not add stockings. But I keep my legs shaved and lotioned.

I have this look in pink, red, brown and I just added a blue. I can switch panties to add more color to my bottom area.

I wear these whether in boy, femboy or girl mode. This allows me the always feel feminine, no matter the outer wear.

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