Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 31, 2016 - Choosing the correct mascara

During my makeup lesson at Ulta Beauty, the consultant asked me which mascara I used. I showed her my mascara and she asked me about it. I told her that I picked it because it was recommended to me by an Ulta sales clerk. I wanted to ask her how to choose a mascara, but we moved on to eye shadow and I forgot to go back to discuss mascara.

This post is an attempt to outline the mascara choices.

The first decision we should make is to determine what we want from our mascara:
  1. Volume
  2. Separation
  3. Definition
  4. Curl

Choosing the correct mascara is based on the wand (brush) and the mascara formula.

Wand: Below is an infographic and a short video about wand shapes and the look it gives your lashes.

Mascara Formula: There are many different formula out there. Below is a short article about chemicals that should not be in your mascara.

Mascara Tips:  Below are two short videos which provide some nice tips for applying mascara.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday March 30, 2016 - Beautiful Day

I work up to a beautiful Spring morning and I just feel beautiful this morning. I do not know why. But in my past, I use to hate looking in the mirror. But now I love it because I see Susan.

My face looks so nice and smooth. It seemed to have a glow this morning. I love my smaller male figure. I am just a couple of months away from HRT and I can not wait to see the curves. My gynecomastia gives me a preview and I love it.

I am going to take a few hours this afternoon and have some femtime. Since I am working from home today,  I am going to wear a pretty spring dress.

Then this afternoon:
  1. I am going to take a nice warm bath and complete a body shave. 
  2. Then lotion my body with my homemade lotion
  3. Next I am going to complete a lemon facial
  4. Finally, I am going to give myself a manicure and add a couple of coats of clear nail polish.
I love Spring days now more than ever.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday March 29, 2016 - On the ground in Georgia

Sunday night I wrote my Monday post predicting Governor Deal's veto. My post was published Monday morning, just 1 hour before the veto. I had quite a few responses via Reddit to this post.

This issue is very close to me on may levels. I have a unique prospective that I would like to discuss.

 I think it will give you a very unique prospective of this issue in Georgia and why the veto will not be overwritten.

On a personal note, as a Transwomen, this law is very upsetting and dangerous because it emboldens the crazies. A Georgia man was recently arrested for pouring boiling hot water on his girlfriend's son and boyfriend while they were sleep in bed (see article below). For me, I could become even more of a target. Even though I have had no issues, there is no need for my risk to increase.

I live in Fayette County, which is just south of Harstfield-Jackson International Airport. The small city of Senoia in where the Walking Dead is filmed. That area in now booming with tourist and of course all the activity from the annual filming (which begins in May). The local businesses are growing rapidly and the need for extras, allow people to become zombies for the day. When they have zombie hordes, hundreds of extras are needed. I have talked to friends who go down there for the day. They were upset that this law threatened there acting career (lol). But seriously, everyone thought the law was not necessary and threatens business.

Also in Fayette County is Pinwoods Studio, home of the produces of James Bond. This studio is constantly expanding to keep up with demand. Disney uses this studio for their Marvel franchise. There are currently two movies in final production,  a new Captain America and Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

People in Fayette County and Newnan County are very upset that this growth is threatened.

I have a client who is building a new 4K based $250M film studio in the Georgia mountains. This law threatens to kill his deal which he had been working on for two years and will start construction in June. This is the first studio of its kind in the US and his first client will be James Cameron and a movie in the Avatar series. This studio will change the economics of those surrounding counties and the local governments and residents are excited. Well you can imagine how they feel, if this law was enacted and the studio died.

Fort McPherson is closer to me that Senoia. Tyler Perry just purchased most of that base and is planning a major expansion of his film studio. Over 8,000 jobs are planned in a depressed area that will create not only jobs but retail and new housing. I have neighbors who work for the studio and the new plans are awesome.

In North Carolina, the legislature killed their movie industry last year (2015) by getting rid of their tax credit. This is driving more business to Georgia. My friend who lives in Fayetteville NC and his friends are upset about it. They use be extras in a variety of films. They said it was fun and they met a variety of people, earned a little money and enjoyed the experience. Iron Man 3 was filmed in North Carolina because they could not find studio space in Georgia. Well, we no longer have that competition. It means more business for my client in the North Georgia mountains.

My North Carolina friend was in Iron Man 3 as a General on the plane that blew up and he was sucked out of the plane. But he is OK (lol). It was cool to he him in that scene. Here it is below.

The authors of the Georgia  bill are seeking to have a special session, like in North Carolina and override the veto. That will not happen because they may have the votes for a special session, but they do not have the votes to override the veto. Given that these outer Atlanta counties are benefiting from the film industry, the legislators are going to hear from their constituents about messing with their economy and jobs.

MY OPINION: It appears that these anti-lgbt bills are exacerbating the split in the republican party between the social conservatives and business conservatives.

SOLUTION: I need to do what I can to guarantee I can use the bathroom safely. Whether its a family bathroom or I can use the bathroom as I am presenting, its safety first. So I will support Family bathrooms and request them in larger stores by speaking to the manager and writing letters or sending emails.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday March 28, 2016 - Kroger store from Georgia has a solution

Athens, Georgia is home of the University of Georgia and is north of Metro Atlanta. Kroger is one of the nations biggest grocer. Personally, they are my #1 grocery store.

They have created Unisex bathrooms in some of their stores as a response to GA bill HB757.

I hope they add these bathrooms to each store. If so, it will solve my bathroom issue because they have so many locations in Metro Atlanta and Georgia.

This is the solution, except I would like to name them "Family Bathrooms" instead of Unisex Bathrooms. Using the family adjective makes it harder for the haters to fight these bathrooms.

I was a dad with daughters, who could have used these bathrooms. 

Monday March 28, 2016 - Countdown in GA

Georgia Governor Deal has until May 3, 2016 to sign or veto the Georgia bill HB757. I discussed in a previous post that most of these State bills are being stopped at the Governor's desk.

Governor Deal is now under tremendous pressure to veto the bill. Unlike North Carolina, Georgia has a much larger (Metro Atlanta based) economy.

I think he will veto the bill and here is why:

1) The Walking Dead production company will move from Georgia. The new season (#7) plans to start filming in May 2016. It's filmed in my county and about 10 miles from my house. I have seen "walkers" at local stores on film breaks during the day.

2) Walt Disney and their Marvel Group is currently filming two movies in Georgia, with at least 4 more planned at $250M+ budget per film, they plan to will leave Georgia if the law is not vetoed.

3) Tyler Perry who purchased Fort MacPherson to turn it into a major film studio, is planning to reduce his development, if the law is signed.

4) Arthur Blank, owner of the NFL Atlanta Falcons will complete a new $1B stadium in 2017. The NFL stated that this bill will threaten the Superbowl planned by 2020.. Mr. Blank is founder of Home Depot.

5) List of other companies joining the possible boycott.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sunday March 27, 2016 - Happy Easter

Growing up, Easter was another fun family event. We use to get dressed up and go to church. After church, we went to my paternal grandparents house for the annual easter egg hunt and dinner.

Just like Christmas and Thanksgiving, it was a large family event and my Grandmother did all the cooking.

I envied my sister because of the pretty dress she worn. Also she and my mother received compliments all day about how pretty they looked.

I wanted to wear one of those dresses with the bow in my hair, colorful dress and white shoes. One Easter soon, I am going get dressed up in a pretty dress with a fancy hat and go to church and dinner. When I do, I will have made it. It took 50 years but I will be very pretty for that Easter Day.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday March 26, 2016 - Goodbye Femboy

My feminine male dress was always a temporary mode to help me during the early part of my transition. I started this look in the Fall of 2015. It was a way for me to slowly become comfortable  out in public. Also, when I moved my electrology sessions from Dallas to Atlanta, I wanted to go to my sessions in a more feminine attire. But I could not wear makeup because pf the electrology.

This mode was perfect because I could wear it all day during an electrology day and I learned that no one cared what I was wearing (unlike the 1990's).

It also gave me a chance to learn makeup and incorporate it into my Femboy look. I started noticing that my Femboy look was becoming more feminine. It has reached a point that the only major differences between my Femboy look and Susan was hair, heels and dresses/skirts.

But with my electology coming to an end, HRT starting in June and my comfort level high. I now feel more natural as Susan.

My Femboy outfits will become Susan outfits as I add hair and better makeup. Below are some of my past Femboy looks. I will be sad to see her go but I am excited about presenting Susan.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday March 25, 2016 - Dinner and a Movie

Finally, on Sunday evening I was going to go to dinner and a movie with a friend of mine. Back in January 2016, I discussed, in a post, how I met this lady and we had a wonderful two hours conversation about all kinds of things. I had never met her before and we talked like we were long time friends.

I did not know it at the time but during that two hour period, my mother died in her sleep. Well it kind of freaked me out. It took about 3 months for me to contact her again. Since then we have become friends and we go to the movies about once a month, have dinner and  talk.

She knows about my transition and today I decided to meet her as Susan.

I arrived late at the theater. The movie we wanted to see was not showing at our normal theater, so we were going to drive to the another theater, eat and then go to the movie.

When I pulled up, she got out of her car into mine and said I looked great. She thought I passed very well and loved my makeup. I told her about my makeover and how I got some great ideas.

We both wear the same size shoes and she wanted to try my pair on. So we exchanged shoes in the car. I  joked, that I wanted mine back because hers, which were black did not match my outfit.

As we drove to the other theater we talked about my transition. She asked about HRT, SRS and translife. I was happy to find that she wanted to learn more about trans-issues. It was neat talking to someone about these issues in a free flowing conversation.

She decided we should get some Mexican fod. So we found a restaurant close to the theater. I parked the car and we got out. It felt like two woman going to eat and talk. Going into the restaurant, we asked for a table for two. The lady at the front asked if "you ladies" would not mind getting a table in the bar area.

We said OK and walking into the bar area.. This guy in the bar area, siting at a table with a female friend turned and looked at us as we found our table. That use to make me nervous. Now I know it was a guy checking out two cute ladies (lol).

During our dinner, she told me how naturally I looked and acted. The way I played with my hair, the way I ordered the food and the way I sat were all compliments she gave me.

I made sure I took my time eating, I looked at her, and paid attention while we talked. I have always noticed how women seem to intensely listen and talk to each other while eating a meal. So I sat up leaning toward my friend and crossing my legs at the ankles.

I had a nice taco salad and used salsa as a low calorie dressing. I took my time eating by taking small bites and putting my fork down after each mouthful.

After we finished dinner, I drove over to the theater. I told my friend that I may have to show my male ID when I pickup the tickets.

We walked into the theater, The employee at the customer desk asked if "you ladies" needed help. I showed my AMC pass and was given two tickets. I was not asked to show my ID which was OK. I have shown my male ID while as Susan before, without any issue.

We stopped to get a large popcorn to share and walked into the movie. We saw the Revenant, which was a good movie. It was a little long for me.

After the movie, I needed to go to the bathroom. My friend need to use it, so we both went in. I went straight into a both and notice the noise woman make when urinating. I sat and tried to aim so that I make a similar noise. There was only one other lady in the bathroom. We washed our hands and I looked over my makeup and hair quickly. Then we both left.

I stated how clean and nice the bathroom was. My friend stated I should have no trouble in the bathroom. She told me the story of a crossdresser who did not pass came in to use the ladies bathroom. She felt uncomfortable but did not say anything. She said she would have no problem with me in the ladies room. I just need to learn the culture in there.

After our restroom break, we went to the car and I drove her back to her car. I thanked her for accepting me and asking questions and just talking about stuff. This was the first time I have been with someone out and about as Susan.

I had a great time all day Sunday and this dinner and a movie capped it off. It could not have been better. This day gave me a glimpse into my future and I love it.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thursday March 24, 2016 - Ulta Beauty Makover

I made an appointment for a makeover at Ulta Beauty at 2:30 pm. I arrived on time after leaving Payless Shoes quickly. The makeover consultant was finishing up with a previous client and was running late.

I sat in the salon area reading a copy of Allure magazine until my consultant, Monica was ready. By 2:50 pm, we moved to a front seating location to begin my makeover.

Quickly, I realized this makeover would be different than my makeover at Clinque. First she asked me what type of look did I want. I told her I wanted to develop  my everyday look. Then she asked me about my daily facial routine.

Found this consultant not only very friendly and knowledgeable but she cared about what I wanted. The Clinque consultant was good and I liked her work. As a matter of fact, her use of a darker lipstick is now my norm. But Monica was much better. She was younger and had some better ideas.

One idea which Stana of Femulate fame discussed in a post earlier this week. included doing your eyes BEFORE putting on foundation. This saves time because putting on foundation first and then doing your eyes, creates a situation in which your eye makeup can mess up your foundation and therefore you have to revisit your foundation.  

So when we started, she suggested a new order of applying my makeup.

My old way:

  1. Primer
  2. Foundation
  3. Contour and Highlighting
  4. Eyebrows
  5. Eye shadow
  6. Eye liner
  7. Eye lashes
  8. Blush
  9. Lipstick

Monica's Recommendation 

  1. Primer
  2. Eyebrows
  3. Eye Shadow
  4. Eye Liner
  5. Eye lashes
  6. Highlight
  7. Foundation
  8. Contour
  9. Blush
  10. Lipstick 

The difference as I said earlier was when to put on foundation after completing your eyes. Monica stated that she had reservations at first but now believes is reduces the time to put on your makeup with better results. Also, notice that she puts on highlighter (#6) before putting on foundation. Monica stated that putting on foundation first over your whole face and the adding highlighter under your eyes, is a waste of foundation. She added highlight from my nose up under my eyes to my temples. Then she added foundation along my forehead.. Finally she added foundation under the highlighted area down over my neck. Then comes the contouring.

She used her fingers to place it instead of a sponge. She stated that a sponge soaks up too much foundation and your fingers give you a better control over placement.

Finally she used a brush to blend it all together.

I kind of jumped ahead of myself. So let me go back to the beginning.

Monica started here and added gel to frame my eyebrows and color them in. She added a concealer under my eyebrows and blended it in a downward direction. It slightly brought out the eyebrows. I have seen women with too much concealer and the eyebrows stand out too much (see picture). Monica stated that its about blending and not adding light concealer to the top of the eyebrows.

Eye Shadow:
Here, I agree that eye shadowing is used to add color and depth to the area between the eyebrows and eyes. She stated that shadowing can be used to frame your eye area.

Both the color and how that color is placed can widen, narrow and heighten your eye area.

She used gel. I use pencil but I like the way the gel worked. She did a good job placing the gel eyeliner on my bottom water line and she created a wing look from the liner along my top lashes.

Eye Lashes
Monica introduced me to very expensive mascara. I really liked how the quality of the mascara darkened my lashes without clumping and keeping my lashes separated.

My Eye Area Before Foundation

  1. Framed Eyebrows
  2. Eye liner with wings
  3. Neutral eye shadow
  4. Eye lashed not curled in this pic

We both agreed that the darker lipstick with a dark liner that matches the lipstick color looked best on me. Also, my lip shape is a very feminizing attribute.

Above, I talked about Monica's unique system for mixing foundation with highlighting and contouring. I am going to practice her system. I think it will be faster and look better. The key is blending.

Here is how I looked after my makeover. I like it.

I had fun and learned a lot from this makeover. It cost me $40 and I did purchase a contour/highlighting kit. I did give Monica a nice tip and she wrote down everything she did and the products she used.

During the makeover, I had woman come up to me, watch and comment how well the makeover looked and asked questions. I felt like another woman talking and enjoying makeup tips.

I left around 4:30 and headed for my 5:00 pm appointment with a friend for dinner and a movie. I was running late and called to move the time back to 5:30 pm.

I will talk about my dinner and movie tomorrow. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wednesday March 23, 2015 - Sometimes my Granddaughter upsets me

I have two grandchildren from my oldest daughter. The girl is seven and the boy is five.

BTW, I am at the hospital waiting on Grandchild #3 and the first for my middle daughter. I am writing this post from the waiting room. I left when the doctors arrived to deliver. I guess I am still old school.

When, my granddaughter does not want to share toys with her younger brother, she tells him that those are girl toys and he can not play with them. She also tells him he laughs like a girl because he has a high pitch laughter.

She uses this gender weapon to try and control her brother. But it does not work. He just brushes it off and continues to play. Yesterday, my youngest daughter was in town and was playing with her niece and makeup.Well, my Grandson wanted to play by applying makeup on my two daughters and niece. My Granddaughter said no, he could not play, but my daughters said yes. He had a great time applying makeup everywhere. For him it was like using crayons to color people instead of paper.

He had no desire to put it on himself but to just play. And so what if he want to color his face. He used crayons to color his body with crazy tattoos. He would probably use makeup, i.e. lipstick to add a face tattoo.

I told my Granddaughter that if  she is going to deny him the ability to play with "girl" toys, then she can be denied by him to play with his "boy": toys; like his cars, trucks and sports equipment.

I am going to continue to work on my Granddaughter to see that this is wrong and she would not use gender as a weapon.

Wednesday March 23, 2016 - Shoe Shopping

Before my Ulta 2:30 pm makeover, I stopped at Payless Shoes to look at some shoes. It was pretty busy as people were Easter shopping. Many women were buying shoes for their children.

I come to this store quite often. This is the store where the sales clerk stated that they missed see me and were wondering where I had been. That sales clerk was not there on Sunday but the sales clerk working on Sunday use to attend the same gym and we talk often. I have since moved to Planet Fitness, so I do not see her anymore.

Once I entered, she said hello and I returned the salutation while smiling and walking toward my size 12 area. There where two additional ladies shopping the same area. One lady was looking in the opposite rack which were men shoes. Based on her style and shoes, she wears men shoes and clothes. The other lady was looking at both size 11 and 12 woman shoes.

I had a coupon for 25% off and if I found any shoes discounted at $10, I would be interested. I did not find any $10 discount shoes. But I did try on some shoes I liked.

These were some new flats that I have not seen before at Payless. They fit well but were not on sale. I must strictly control my shoe buying or I will end up with 100 pair and never wear most of them.

I like the color and the emblem on the shoe. The dark brown "belt" across the front was a nice added touch that expands the colors that work with this shoe.
 I like this silver wedge. The wedge is not too high and they fit well. I did not buy these because they were not on sale.
I have not seen mules like these in years. I still have a few pair from the late 1970's that I did not purge. I just keep them around for old times sake.

I tried these on. They also had a pair in black. They were nice, but I need to develop some confidence about the size of my feet, in order to wear a pair in public.

I did not have time to try on more as it was getting close to 2:30 pm. The Ulta store is in the same shopping center and I wanted to be there on time.

So I left by 2:25 pm to get over to the Ulta Beauty Store.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tuesday March 22, 2016 - The Obamacare kid is trans.

The 11-year-old who stood next to President Barack Obama when he signed the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare, six years ago has come out as transgender.

A photo posted by Marcelas Owens (@onesecnd) on

A photo posted by Marcelas Owens (@onesecnd) on

Tuesday March 22, 2016 - My pedicure

I arrived at the Spa parking lot with my Church's buffalo boneless chicken wings (nuggets). It was noon and the owner hadn't arrived yet. So I sat, ate and listened to the NCAA basketball game. At 12:08  she arrived with her son. A second car arrived with an employee.

The owner parked next to me. She got out of the car and opened the door. I waited for her to turn on the OPEN light in the window, quickly eat my last wing and decided to go in.

Once in, the owner said hello and asked if I wanted my pedicure. I smiled and said yes. The employee ran my water while the owner came up to me and said I looked nice. Then I remembered,this is the first time I have come as Susan. I always came as a femboy because I usually come after an electrology session.

Shortly after I arrived, a second customer entered the store. I smiled and said hello, but she just headed to the owner to ask for a manicure, pedicure and acrylic nails. They sat her in a spa chair next to me but she kept to herself.

I like french tip nails. To me, they are cute and sophisticated. So after going through a 90 minute process of removing the old polish, shaping my nails, massaging my feet, ankles and thighs and finally painting my nails, I was moved over to the drying area.

She did a very good job and I liked the flower design on my big toe. The technicians that this shop do not speak much English. So I find a design on Google images and show it to the technician. She did a good job replicating what I was looking for.

It took about 15 minutes for my polish to dry and for me to pay.

I was finished by 2 pm and my next appointment was at 2:30 pm for my makeover at Ulta Beauty. So I headed to Payless Shoes.

This is my outfit for the day with my brown coat. It was colder in Atlanta than the last few days. So at first I left the house without a coat. I quickly came back and got one.

This is the brown coat I bought last April at the New Jersey Goodwill.

I found a matching hat this past summer and did not buy it. That was a mistake.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday march 21, 2016 - Decided on being Susan

Yesterday as I was writing my post, I was not 100% sure if I going out as Susan or as a Femboy. Well, as you can see from the picture, I decided it was going to be a Susan day.

I wore my newest sweater with the rose skinny jeans and multi-colored flats. I added my red and purple bangles on one wrist and a red sea shell bracelet on the other wrist.

It was a great day. I was mam'am everywhere and there were no negative reactions. Its going to take a few posts to cover everything.

In summary I,
  1. Got a pedicure
  2. Went Shoe Shopping
  3. Had A Makeover at Ulta Beauty
  4. Dinner and a movie with a friend
I left the house around 11 am. I had to go to my bank's ATM machine to make a deposit. I then headed to the pedicure spa. I got there around 11:30 am but it did not open until Noon.

So while I waited in the parking lot, I decided to call Ulta and make an appointment to have a makeover. They had two time available on Sunday 12:30 and 2:30. I choose 2:30 because I knew the pedicure was going to take at least 90 minutes.

Also, I had not eaten, so I decided to go next door and eat at Church's Fried Chicken. I use to love that greasy food when I was young. But I eat there maybe once a year, when I am hungry and what some greasy junk food.

My eating habits are different as Susan. I usually do not have a big appetite and I east small meals with food that is not messy. So instead of fried chicken, I decided to try their boneless wings. This way I can cut them into smaller pieces and eat them with messing up my clothes.

I thought about going thru the drive-thru. But I decided to go inside. There were many people inside eating This location had a big eat-in section. I got out of my car and walked in. The lady at the counter treated me as the woman I am and used female pronouns.

I purchased my food and filled my cup with diet soda. As I left, no one paid me any attention. They probably checked me out as I entered and then moved on.

I drove back to the spa and waited in the car. I eat and listened to the start of the college basketball games. The owner arrived at about 12:08 and opened her store.

I will discuss my pedicure in my next post.

But the worst thing about yesterday was coming home and changing for bed. I looked so nice and felt so comfortable. I knew tomorrow was not going to be the same. Its like Cinderella. The only think that helps, is that I know the day is coming when I will not change back. That every day will be a Susan Day.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday March 20, 2016 - Out and about

Today I am going to spend the whole day out as Susan or in Femboy mode. Since I had an electrology session Friday, my face is hairless. So I can wear foundation without a problem.

I am leaning toward Susan mode. It's a sunny day but cooler than I thought. So I am going to wear pants. I tried on this outfit in the picture, but I still might change before I go out.

This is a grey based outfit but I want more of a bright spring color. So I think I will change to a brighter outfit.

I have a lot to do today.
  1. shop
  2. replace some lipstick
  3. visit my brother
  4. go to a movie
I have not added a necklace or earrings yet. But I like this top. It has lace in the back and the front has a nice neckline.

Next to me on the floor was my cleaning bucket. I cleaned the bathroom last night. I am getting more sensitive about smell and need to keep the bathroom cleaner.

I do not clean as often as I need to. But I do clean more to keep the smell down and to have it look nicer.

I wore my black flats with the gold zipper. I need a silver base instead of gold based shoe. My jewelry is silver based.

It's cooler outside than I though and I was too cold in this top. So, I am going to change my outfit to a spring color with a heavier top.

I will add pictures in my next post this evening or in the morning.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Saturday March 19, 2016 - Shoes

I love woman shoes. I have said on many occasions, I could have a closet of just shoes. But I am more practical than that.

This year I am trying to learn more about female fashion and its terminology. Today its shoes.

Below is a shoe Inforgraphic I am using to learn the terminology about different shoe types.

Then I put together a slide show of some of my favorite shoes. Now I did not buy most of them. I just tried on shoes to get an idea of which types look the best.

Some of my favorite shoes

Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday March 18, 2016 - Electrology Session

Today was my bi-weekly electrology session. The end is finally near. After two weeks, there was not much hair. I had the tech include my ears and eyebrows to reach 1 hour. It is now taking less than 1 hour to clear two weeks of beard growth.

The remaining growth is mostly sporadic white/grey hairs. There are very few black hairs left. This is the start of year four and I think it should be over by May.

I usually make this a Femboy day, but I had to go to court to testify for a client. The Femboy mode would not work. BTW, we won the case.

I need to get out this weekend. Its going to be a beautiful and warm outside.

I noticed my Femboy look is getting more feminine. Below are two pictures of my Femboy look.

This is my Femboy look in April 2015.

This is my Femboy look in March 2016.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday March 17, 2016 - A Femboy Day

It is pretty Spring day in Atlanta. I love Spring time because its a period of renewal and I love warm weather. Today is a Femboy day because I feel pretty. I would love to be in Susan mode but my electrology session is tomorrow and I can not shave these few whiskers. I no longer have or really need beard cover anymore. But my makeup will not cover these long (2 week) whiskers under my neck

So it will be a Femboy day. Tomorrow would normally be another Femboy day but I have to testify in court before I go to my electrology appointment. So I will be in boy mode most of the day.

I have to work at home most of the day but will get out for some shopping.

I love spring colors. I am wearing a yellow and green outfit because its St Patrick's Day. I love this green/yellow and orange top. I have on my yellow skinny jeans and white based multi-color flats. The shoes have yellow and orange them.

I even matched my underwear today with green for St Patrick's Day and a pretty multi-color  panty. I think the from pink bow is cute.

I usually do not show my underwear but it was much a nice match for today, I had to show them off.

Here is closeup of my outfit. The top, skinny jeans and flats.

I added a pair of green and white shell bracelets on one wrist  and a brown bangle on the other wrist.

My earrings are orange.

I took advise from my recent post with the infographic about necklace length and added a necklace with a mermaid pendant. I was going to add a yellow pendant but I thought that might be too much color. So I went with this silver pendant. I shortened the length per that infographic,

After I finish my work, I hope to get out and shop for some shoes and summer dresses.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday March 16, 2016 - I had a dream about Susan getting married.

Last night I had a dream that I got married. I was so happy and felt so pretty, I took what I remembered from last night and created a fashion board.