Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday April 30, 2016 - CVS Family Bathroom

My poison ivy is clearing very slowly. The lotion I am using says that after 1 week, if the rash continues, see a doctor.

So today, I decided to go to Minute Clinic inside of CVS. While there I say a sign on the bathroom door that said Men and Woman. It was a one toilet bathroom. I then noticed on the other side of the water fountain was a locked door with no sign. I soon realized  that they had turned one bathroom into a Family Bathroom and eliminated the second bathroom.

It then hit me that another benefit of a family bathroom, is that some stores with limited demand for bathrooms can go with just one family bathroom instead of two gender specific bathrooms.

This is another reason to push for and support Family Bathrooms. They will reduce construction, maintenance and cleaning costs.

As I was waiting for the nurse, I used the bathroom. As I left, a women with a teenage son came to use the bathroom. First the mother used it and her son followed. While she was waiting for her son, I told her that I wished they had these bathrooms when I was raising my three daughters. Because many times, I used the Men's room while I worried about my young daughters in the Woman's room. She smiled and said yeah I guess you are right.

Later while I was seeing the nurse, I stated that having a Family bathroom was a good idea. She agreed.

I have decide that everytime I see a single stall family bathroom, I am going to tell management and/or other customers that it is a good idea. Plus, I will report it to

Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday April 29, 2016 - I met a nice Femboy today

I met a young 25 year old Femboy today. I needed to buy a new tire today. So I dropped my car off at the tire shop and then walked over to West End Mall for lunch with a friend. I was crossdressing as a boy.

While eating a young Femboy walked through the restaurant and into the mall. I saw her in the corner of my eye and noticed how small she was in statue (about 5' 6") and size (under 150). She was slim and petite and looked good. She had on a nice pair of sandals, pretty red painted toe nails, red leggings and a nice white top with short lace sleeves.

She had on a nice necklace with matching earrings, a couple of rings and a pearl bracelet. Here hair was braided. I noticed a slight light beard. But I liked her confidence and style.

I noticed as she walked across the Mall into the Rainbow clothing store, no one paid her any attention. I did see a guy who was working a kiosk said something to his girlfriend as he looked over to the cute Femboy.

I continued my lunch and then I noticed her coming back into the restaurant. She was waiting in line and ordered some takeout. Again, the restaurant was full and she appeared to blend in.

I observed no staring, negative looks and/or negative talking toward her. Everyone was more interested in their own issues.

As I was leaving my meeting and headed back to pickup my car, I noticed her leaving through the rear door that takes you to the Mall parking lot. I walked through the Mall and out the front entrance.

I was walking across the Mall parking lot to the street, she was walking the same way about 20 feet ahead of me. She stopped at the corner to wait and cross the street. I caught up to her to wait. Once I got next to her, I told her that I loved her sandals and that she looked cute.

She smiled and said thank you. We started talking and I told her I was a Transwoman and today I was crossdressing as a boy. We both laughed. I pulled out my phone and showed her a few pictures of Susan. She complimented my makeup and outfit.

I told her how lucky she is at 25 to live in a more enlightened period. When I was 25 (1981), I was walking around this same Mall and could never had dressed as nice as she was without problems.

Once we crossed the street together, I said goodbye and I walked over to the tire store to pickup my car. I drove my car off the lot and notice her still walking toward the Interstate bridge. So I drove up to her and offered to take her to her final destination. She agreed and I drove her over to the neighboring college campus.

She asked me about electrology because I told her I was finishing mine and will be starting HRT. She asked if we could talk further because she wanted to transition and was trying to build a network of positive support. I quickly agreed, but she did not have a cellphone. So she gave me her facebook name.

I told her, I would be honored to help her in anyway. Plus I was a graduate of the school she was attending.

After I dropped her off, I thought about starting a small club consisting of young Femboys and helping them with their transition and life (education, job and social life).

I have contacted her by Facebook messaging.

 It was so neat to meet a young confident Femboy. I felt like a mom who wants to help her daughter succeed in life. I can not wait to get to know her more and help. Helping her will help me.

Friday April 29, 2015 - Slow Friday

Its Friday an I am out on an assignment with limited internet access. It's funny because you now wonder how we lived without interest and cellphones. One day it will be "The Internet Of Things" and autonomous cars.

I was thinking about one of my class sessions in which I introduced crossdressing into my lesson plan.

When I was a young teenager, my Grandmother use to try an pay me to get a haircut because she hated Afro's and she hated that we called each other "black" instead of "colored". We use to smile and ask our Grandmother what was our color? She would get made and walk off. She was born in 1902 in Texas.

In those days, I thought about what would upset me so much when I got old, that I would pay my Grand children to stop. Of course back then, I could not think of anything. But now when I see young men with their pants sagging around their thighs, I finally understand my Grandmother.

So I ask my student if they could image something that their teenage son would do that would make them pay their son not to wear it. They usually can not come up with anything. So I tell then what if their son was going out to a party with their friends and he wore a nice dress, stocking and heels.

My students usually say that they would be upset and would not let them go out. But what if your son said that is the style and women like to see boys with nice smooth legs and a pretty skirt and top. It attracts the girls.

Most of the guys respond with a "hell no". I tell them that is how I feel about pants around the thighs and my Grandmother felt that way about Afros.

Then I bring up Diddy and Kanye West wearing skirts. At that point more of them see the possibility. I tell then to call in 25 years and tell me if I was right.

I use this lecture to introduce change and its acceptance in society. I then move it into technology.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Thursday April 28, 2016 - Makeup playtime

I finally got some time to play around with false eyelashes. First, with poison ivy on my face, I could not hide the area covered with calamine lotion. I put foundation over it, but it flaked the foundation and eventually came thru. So I am going to have to wait until the rash is gone.

I ended up putting on my complete face to practice my application technique. But I wanted to try on false eyelashes. I loved the way they looked. It took a longtime for me to get them on. I put them on after I completed my full face makeup.

I took one of the lashes out of its case and laid it up against my eyelid to make sure it fit my eye. I thought it might be too long, but it fit across my lashes.

So I took one lash and held it with a pair of tweezers. Then I opened the black colored glue and created a bubble of glue at the tube opening. I spread the bubble across the rim of the lash. The glue bubble seemed to connect  to the lash ridge. I slid the glue across the lash rim and the glue stuck and spread across. It seems easy but I did get some glue over the rim and onto the lashes. It took awhile with a Q-tip in order to clean the glue off of the lashes.

I waited 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky. It took quite awhile for me get that lash on. I used the tweezers to try and center the lash over my eyes and slightly above my lash line.

It was not easy. It was hard to put the lashes just above my existing lashes and line it up. I was using my bathroom mirror and I was having problems moving the lash into position. I tried a few time put pulled it off  to retry it.  Soon the glue dried and I had to reapply the glue.

Finally I got the lash on. I waited a few minutes and then I added mascara and curled both my eyelashes and the false lashes together. I really like the look. The picture on the left shows the one eye with the lashes and the other eye without then. The left eye has the lashes.

I added a white eyeliner, under my eye. I will try a little less white eyeliner next time. But it seems to bring out my eyes and the brown color of my eyes.

I then added the lashes to my other eye. Again it took awhile. I was a little better because it was my second attempt. However, it was my other eye and had to use my other had, which made it difficult.. Again, I added mascara to both my lashes and the false lashes together. Once the mascara dried, I curled that lash.

I loved how the lashes helped my look. I need tp practice more and then find some lashes that are longer on the outer edges.

Here are my lashes with my glasses on. I love the look. It did take awhile to get use to the longer and heavier feel of the lashes.

I will definitely wear false lashes more often. I have to get better applying them.

I tries a new lipstick color. I do not like it. Its too red. I like a darker red. So I am going to try another red color. I still have my dark lipstick, but I wanted a slightly lighter red color as an alternative. This one is to light.

Once I finished my makeup, I put on my grey sweater dress with my grey flats. My jewelry was silver and blue based.

My poison ivy has not allowed me to keep up my daily lotion routines and I can tell. My skin is not as smooth and I have more dry skin areas.

I am going to work on applying my false eyelashes, so I can get them on faster.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thursday April 28, 2016 - Choosing False Eyelashes

Wednesday I went to the beauty store to buy a set of false eyelashes for my makeup session. I could not believe the variety of lashes out there. It took me at least 30 minutes to choose a set.

I also picked up some white eyeliner, eyelash glue and a random pick of eyelashes. I decided to choose one based on price and thickness. I did not want a set too thick, because I want a subtle look.

I could not allocate the time Wednesday to play with my makeup. So I am going to spend some time in the morning and will post my results later in the day.

Here is a video that will help:

Wednesday April 27, 2016 - Eye Markup

There is a saying that your eyes are a window into your soul. To me, part of womanhood is projecting your inner feminine in a natural way. When I am out, I feel my inner femininity and I project it out. Once I got through my own issues that were holding me back, that femininity just started to flow out.

Today I am going to play around with my makeup. I want to concentrate on my eye makeup. Especially my eyeliner and eye lashes. I want to test a new look with a more feminine cat-like look.

I am going to test false eye lashes, white eyeliner, different eyebrow colors and shapes and possible solutions to bags under my eyes. Its going to take time and trial and error. But that is part of the fun.

I want to use makeup to develop a natural feminine look that slightly reshapes my face and the makeup looks natural and not heavy. Below are some examples.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday April 26, 2016 - Dealing with Poison Ivy

I developed a poison ivy rash on my hands and face. As I try and dry it out, I was told by a CVS pharmacist that the clear lotion was not as strong as the pink calamine lotion. I also bought some over the counter lotion that is just for poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. This lotion is also pink.

Now I have pink on my hands and face. I look like I need to go down and join the filming (Starts May 2016) of the next season of the Walking Dead.

I am stuck in boy mode but I was wondering what I would do, if I was presenting female full-time (2017). I wounder if I can wear markup over the lotion on my face and hand. I am going to try it Tuesday or Wednesday, just to see what happens.

Tuesday April 26, 2016 - Support Target's Bathroom Stand

Target has made a stand by allowing people to use the bathroom that match their presentation. This has started a boycott by the anti-lgbt group American Family Association

Now there is a petition circulating, that is asking for people to support Target. Please sign the petition below, showing your support for Target's stance.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday April 25, 2016 - I like her style

Sunday, I went to a Walgreens to find some itch cream for my poison ivy and some lip balm for my chapped lips. The old itch cream I was using on my face  left my lips chapped along with a slight off-coloration to my face.

If I could find a better itch cream that would not change the color of my face, I would feel better. While the lip balm would solve my dry lips.

While in the store, I passed this lady who had the look, style and presence of Susan. She had on a pretty white based sheath dressed with colorful flowers. She wore a sweater that matched the main color of the flowers on the dress.

Her hair and makeup looked great and was similar to mine. She had a gray-ish pocketbook that matched her heels.

As I passed her, I stopped and told her that she looked nice today and I loved her dress. I remember from the lady at the car rental place  I should pick one item to compliment a lady on. I loved her dress, so I picked that item. However, her whole outfit, hair and makeup was great.

The only picture that came out well was the one on the left as she was checking out of the store.

Notice her bag and matching heels. The pretty sweater that matched the flowers in the dress. It was a nice outfit for a sunny day in Atlanta.

Seeing her made me want to stop crossdressing today, as a guy and put on my own pretty outfit for the day.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday April 24, 2016 - Eyelash Style

I have glaucoma which my father had and my brother has. To keep from going blind, I take a prescription drug called Bimatoprost ophthalmc. There is always pros and cons to everything. The con in my glaucoma which causes increased internal eye pressure and leads the blindness if untreated. The pro is that this prescription drug also promotes eyelash growth.

My eyelashes are longer and thicker than they use to be. Once I add mascara, I like the look.

However, I have been thinking about playing with the style. Below is an inforgraphic about different eyelash styles. I would like a longer length on the outside and tapering down with shorter lengths toward the nose. the picture below gives you an idea of what I am looking for.

From the inforgraphic below, I am interested in the feline flick or the glamour puss. The numbers represent a length. I would like to try the style with the longer length on the outer half of the eye.

I do not know how I am going to do this. That is part of the fun of being a woman. I am going to study this and report back my options and the solution I chose.

Then, I will show the results.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday April 23. 2016 - Poison Ivy

Thursday, I had a meeting in North Atlanta, so I took mass transit (MARTA) because traffic is so bad. After my meeting I took the subway hen the bus, back home. The bus stop is only about two blocks from the entry to my subdivsion, but I had to got the bathroom.

Now I was in boy mode but there was no bathroom in the area. The Ga legislature need to fix this (LOL). So like any guy, I decided to you the woods.

Well guess what, I woke up Friday with a bad case of poison ivy. It was on my face and both hands. I also have a patch on my chest. This had a negative impact on my Friday electrology sesson. My tech and I decided to skip a couple of areas on my face which included most of my chin.

Oh well, no makeup play for about a week.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday April 22, 2016 - Electrology Session

Today I have an electrology  session. It's been two weeks since my last session and I see very little hair on my face. I have mostly white whiskers on my mustache area, across my chin and under my neck to my Adams Apple. I can barely feel my facial hair but I can see the sparse hair in the mirror.

I am reaching the end of my sessions. It started in January 2013 at e3000 in Dallas Texas. It took 14 hours to clear my face that first visit over two days.

Today it will take less than 1 hour. I could probably stop now and shave once every few days. But I am going to go until June 2016. My plan all along was to hopefully finish my face by the start of HRT. With HRT starting in June 11, 2016, I have only 3 more seasons after today.

After my session, I have to travel out of town for an overnight trip with a few associates, so I have to go in boy mode. I have been in boy mode during the last few sessions. I hope I can go in Femboy mode for the last three sessions.

Electrolysis vs Laser (click for better image)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Thursday April 21. 2016 - This guy is dangerous

I try to stay away from politics, race, religion and sex in this blog. I may cross into those areas every once in while. Especially as it relates to the bathroom issue. If I do go into one of those issues, I try to include a solution and put a positive spin on it.

But Senator Cruz really bothers me. There is something about him. I watched the video below and I just wanted to share it.

When I hear someone talk about States Rights it brings back the 1890's and 1950's. I believe in the America of the 21st Century and therefore I think support for this guy is limited.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday April 19, 2016 - Four Eyeliner Types

Liquid, gel, shadow, pencil…when you’re selecting an eyeliner, there’s a lot to consider! With so many different types to choose from, we know it can be overwhelming, BUT this is not a decision to be taken lightly. It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into—your choice will have a major impact on the application process and the end result. So, we’re here to break down the pros and cons of each kind—read on to determine which type of eyeliner is the right fit for you!


Love dramatic winged liner? Liquid eyeliner may be your best bet! Typically, liquid eyeliner comes in a tube with a very thin brush or fine-tipped marker to apply the product with. Liquid eyeliner offers a bold, slick look and is useful for creating precise lines or the perfect flick. It is regarded as the most difficult to apply since the tiny tip can be a little bit challenging to control. However, if you’ve got a steady hand and a little bit of patience, give liquid eyeliner a go!

  1. Start at the middle of the eye, as tight to the lash line as you can get, and use short strokes as you make your way from the middle to the outer corner of your eye.
  1. Next, go to the inner corner of your eye and again use short strokes to connect the liner from the inner corner to the middle of your eye (where you first started).

If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with pencil eyeliner and working your way up to liquid eyeliner. Practice makes perfect— once you’re able to master liquid eyeliner, it’s amazing for Arabic makeup and killer cat eyes!


New to the eyeliner game? Pencil eyeliner is where it’s at! Pencil eyeliners are the most commonly used because they’re the easiest to control. They work just like any other pencil does, except they’re safe (and much gentler!) on the eyes. To apply, simply draw along your lash line. Sharpen your pencil as needed. Be advised though, regardless of how sharp you get your pencil, you won’t be able to achieve the same level of precision as you would with liquid eyeliner. The result will be a little less crisp, but that’s the tradeoff for easy application.
Pro Tip: If you want to add color to your waterline, we recommend using a pencil eyeliner.  They come in a variety of colors and are easy to find at your local drugstore. Look for ones that are ophthalmologist tested in order to prevent eye irritation—better to be safe than sorry!


Is a smoky eye your go to? Gel eyeliner is probably the way to go! Gel eyeliner generally comes in a pot that you can dip into with an angled or otherwise fine-tipped brush. Get the product on your application tool of choice and glide along the lash line for a quick, clean line. The thick, creamy formula is pretty easy to work with and manipulate into whichever eyeliner shape you’re after. Plus, the fact that it’s creamy means it’s easy to smudge (a wonder for smoky eyes!) and usually feels pretty comfortable on the lids. On that note, gel liner does have a tendency to move around a bit and usually takes a little longer to dry—make sure your eyes are primed (especially if you have oily lids!) and try to avoid blinking for a few seconds after you apply to prevent product from transferring.
Pro Tip: Use gel eyeliner as a base under eyeshadow to add intensity to your look and give it a little more staying power.


A fan of simple and subtle? Look no further than your nearest black eyeshadow! Using eyeshadow to line your lashes is super fast and creates a polished, yet undone, look. Use a stiff angled brush or a small pencil brush to pick up the eyeshadow of your choice and draw or smudge along your lash line. Eyeshadow lining won’t last as long as other eyeliners will, but it’s great for daytime and the color possibilities are endless!
Pro Tip: We don’t recommend using eyeshadow on your waterline—it won’t stick very well and the powder will likely irritate your eyes.
***Brought to you by: Makeup Geek

Tuesday April 19, 2016 - Fem Time Today

Today is a beautiful day in Atlanta (83 degrees and Sunny). I am going to spend some time today getting pretty. Today I will take some fem time to keep myself looking good.

I was in boy mode yesterday as I returned my rental car to the Atlanta Airport. On my way back to the terminal by tram, I met a young couple from NY. Since I am originally for NJ, we struck up a conversation. They actually knew my hometown because they travel to Princeton, NJ to visit family.

When I told them I had been in Atlanta since my college freshman year in 1974. They both could not believe I am almost 60. Then young lady asked how I keep my face looking so youthful. I smiled and said its a
lot of work. their response and her question made my day and makes my fem time worth it.

So this afternoon, I will:
  1. take a nice bubble bath
  2. body shave
  3. work on my finger nails
  4. clear polish on my finger nails
  5. lemon facial 
I love taking time to keep looking nice and feminine. It's funny because as a guy, I never spent time keeping well groomed. I showered once a day, brushed my teeth and put on deodorant. That was it.

I started shaving my legs in the late 1980's.

But now I shower twice a day and have all of these daily and weekly routines and I love it.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday April 18, 2016 - Tights, Stocking and Leggings

Below is a nice infographic about the history, difference and uses of tights, stockings and leggings.

Tights, Stockings and Leggings - Their Main Difference (Infographic)

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Monday April 18, 2016 - I used a Family Bathroom

Driving back from Orlando, my Grandchildren required a bathroom stop. So I stopped at the Turkey Lake Service Area on the Florida Turnpike. I have a 7 year old Granddaughter and a 5 year old Grandson. I was going to take my Grandson in the restroom with me and I would have to worry about my Granddaughter going in the bathroom by herself. But at 7, she should be OK. I raised three girls and dealt with this many times.

However, once we reached the bathroom area, I saw a Family Bathroom. I laughed because I planned on complaining to the manger for not having a family bathroom. .Yet, there it was. I immediately grabbed my Grandchildren, went in the bathroom and closed the door. It had a urinal, toilet, sink and diaper changing shelf. My Grandson used the urinal and my Granddaughter used the toilet. I made sure both of them washed their hands and then we left.

I liked the Family Bathroom. It was my first time using one. It was very efficient because I did not have to wait outside for the girls to finish.

Forget my gender issue for a few seconds, they needed these back when my children were young. They need more of them for parents with young children of the opposite gender.

Sunday April 17, 2016 - Orlando trip

I am disappointed that I did not get to continue my talk with my sister. We did not get the children into her dental office until late afternoon. By the time she finished, we all went out to dinner and then I had to get the kids in the bed.

My sister and her husband went to bed early, so I went out around 10 pm. I went to International Drive and walked around. I really wanted to present as Susan. I went to about four tattoo shops within the one mile walk. I was looking for a better and more feminine belly ring. Its been 4 months and my piercing has healed. So its time to buy some cute rings. All four shops had about the same rings. I only saw 1 dangling ring I would buy. I did not like the rest. I do not know if I have to buy one online or can find a store with a nice variety.

Next time I stay at my sister's, I am going to go out late presenting as Susan. I will have to be more careful as a single female, but the tourist area at Disney or Universal should be OK. My sister will be sleep, so she does not have to "see" me.  Or I could dress and leave while my sister is out and come back late.

I ate poorly yesterday. My brother-in-law has a bad case of diabetes, but he and my sister still eat poorly and I weakened. I had one small waffle and some donuts.

So this morning I went to a local Planet Fitness and worked out. The layout of this center requires me to walk past every area, to get to the Stairmaster machine. There was a time, I would feel uncomfortable in my outfit and walk past everyone. But today, I was Ok and walked with my head high concentrating on my coming workout. I was not looking for rejection or stares. I did not care, I was there for the workout.

I am working on the Stairmaster. I am up to 45 minutes with the highest intensity for 1 minute every 15 minutes.

I am going to work up to 60 minutes which means 4 -1 minute high intensity intervals. Then I am going to increase the high intensity interval to 2 minutes. I want to reach this goal by HRT day.

I feel sluggish because I did not eat before my workout. I fed the children but I forgot to eat. I am going to eat while on the road.

I need to get on the road and head back to Atlanta.

Below are a couple of additional photos for my gym outfit.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday April 16, 2016 - In Orlando Today

Last night I drove my Grandchildren  to Orlando. They need some dental work done and my sister will perform the work today.

You may or may not know that my sister is having some problems with my transition. I will link you to a few older posts about our discussions. But basically its her religious beliefs that create a slight friction. However, she is trying.

Today we went to the grocery store and she asked me how it was going. That is a good sign because I believe she is trying. I mentioned in a previous post that she has watched "I an Cait" and she brought it up again. I do not watch it, I think I have seen 2 or 3 partial shows. My sister has watched a few episodes in an attempt to get a better understanding. So I give her credit for trying.

Below are the three previous posts on my discussions with my sister. I can not believe it began 10 months ago. Link #1, Link #2 Link #3

I would have loved to present as Susan today, but my sister said she is not ready yet to see me present that way. So I will honor her wishes. But she did want to talk about it.

So for about 30-40 minutes I gave her an update. (She knows about this blog but is not ready to read it yet).

I told her about my friend Karen and the mystery around out first meeting. I told her that I am going to start HRT and eventually present female full time. I did not give her dates or times yet, I just wanted to introduce her to the concepts.

I am going to take her out to dinner to night to talk some more. Wish me luck.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday April 15, 2016 - My Female Day

In my previous post, I discussed my dream last night. Well all day, I felt so calm and female. This is difficult to express,  but I felt calm and at ease with my femininity. It started this morning. After waking up from my dream, I went into the bathroom to shower and admired my look in the mirror.

Before I started my transition, I use to hate looking in the mirror. I felt fat, out of shape and hairy. Too much maleness.

My new self is so different. My new workout is going well and I am slimming down .I just feel so good and slim, today. I can not wait until the curves develop.

I saw my feminity in the mirror. Its been one week since my last electrology session and my face has very little hair. Its mostly peach fuzz. There is still some hair on my neck, I can not see it, but I can feel it. It feels so good not to have to shave anymore.

My belly button piercing has healed and my ring looks so cute.  I just felt connected with my new slim and hairless body with the smooth face and cute belly ring.

All day I felt so calm and cute, even in guy clothes. I hope this is how I am going to feel once the new hormones kick in.

Today, I feel ready for Phase III (HRT) and that the first two phases were a success.

Below is the outfit I feel like wearing today. Most woman dress so casual. I feel like dressing up a little while out and working. It might be too dressy, but its how I feel today.

A Beautiful Day

Friday April 16, 2016 - Dreaming last night

I had a strange dream last night. My dream was about HRT and breast growth. In my dream, I was injecting estrogen and my breasts were growing. They grew so fast, I was getting worried that they might get too big. Then I woke up. After about an hour, I fell back to sleep.

I guess this dream is indicating that in my mind I am connecting HRT to breast growth. But I am excited about the mental changes.

The .gif file below, reminds me of my dream.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Thursday April 14, 2016 - Unisex Bathrooms

Sunday while Karen and I were at the Chinese Takeout restaurant. I saw that they had labeled their bathroom as unisex.

This is an easy solution to a non-issue. Part of the population that hates LGBT equality is latching out thru this bathroom issue.

It's an attempt to split the LGBT community along gender lines. They are using old stereotypes to scare people into a believing that Transwoman are sexual predators (Psycho movie).

Also its showing the ignorance of the anti-lgbt crowd. Pastor Benham od Charolotte, N.C. harasses transwomen in a city building. When asked, he said he was not familiar with transmen who would have to use a women's bathroom.

BWT, Senator Cruz lists this Pastor has one of his supporters.

I believe in the long run this will be good for the whole community as more family (unisex) bathrooms become available.

But it is the crazy last attempt by a group of obsolete bigots.

With the help of the business community, we will win this fight.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday April 13, 2016 - Rest of Sunday

After Payless Shoes, I drove south to be close to my meeting place with Karen. She was still at church. So I went to Goodwill to look around. Sunday is the first day of the new color tags being sold for 50% off. I looked around and decided to search for some more gym T-Shirts.

I took some older shirts I bought last year for my femboy outfits. The picture on the left is me wearing one of those shirts I donated back. I no long wear those shirts because those outfits now have a more feminine top. When I took them to the donation section, the young man who took my donation, used female pronouns. It made me feel even more confident.

After leaving the donation center, I walked into the retail store.
I am looking for some extra long, thin textured and light colored T-shirts. The picture on the left are two 50% off T-shirts I found and bought.

While shopping, Karen called and said she would be ready within 30 minutes. So I went to the sales counter to buy these two T-shirts. The clerk used female pronouns. She said, "Hello ma'am, did you find everything". Trying to use my "head" voice, I said, "Yes I found these two items."

I gave her my debit card and she asked for my ID. I only have male ID. But I was not worried because I have done this many times as both a femboy and as Susan. The clerk looked at my male driver's license and compared my name to my debit card. She gave them back to me, bagged my items and said have a nice day. It's no longer bothers me about my ID. No one has made a face, joke or have any inappropriate reaction to my ID. That's because all of them have been sales clerks, they just want to complete the sale and I am sure I am not the only one.

So I left and drove over the meet Karen. We met and hugged. She complimented me on my outfit and makeup. It was getting late and we decided to start by going across the street to a second Goodwill Store. I showed her pictures of the Payless Shoes I tried on earlier. She loved that black strappy closed toe heel.

We spent about 1 hour looking around and shopping for dresses and T-shirts at the store. Then we drove over a second Payless Shoe store, but it was closed. I forgot that on Sunday, they close at 6 pm.

So we decided to get some Chinese takeout. We took our food to the local park and talked while eating our food.

It was a new park and very pretty. I love water, the lake and water fountain was a nice backdrop for our talk.

I ordered some lemon pepper wings while she had some shrimp fried rice.

I told her that I am looking forward to starting my HRT in June. But I am scared to transition and tell all
of the people I know from high school until now. I have told my family and close relatives. I am not worried about new people I meet. But its my life long friend and people I have known over the decades that is my problem. I think my transition brings about the death of an era. How can I talk about my male past as a woman? And will those talks and relationships now change? I will find out about 1 year from now.

We talked again about dating and I told her, I am not interested in dating anyone until 2017. I want to see how the hormones affect me.

We had a nice relaxing good time. After about 90 minutes at the park, it was getting dark, so we decided to leave and I drove Karen back to her car. We said our good byes, hugged and left.

I always enjoy our time together, especially the movie time. Its interesting because we have so much in common and enjoy talking.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday April 12, 2016 - DIY Makeup Remover

One of the things I need to solve, is removing my makeup. I currently use makeup wipes to take off and loosen some of my eye makeup and foundation. Then I get in the shower and using my non-soap face wash and makeup wipes, I remove all of my makeup.

But I need to find a cheaper, faster and healthier way of removing my makeup.

So I have decided to try to make my own makeup remover pads. If you are a frequent or even a casual reader, you will notice I like making my own items. It comes from my paternal grandmother who was from Texas. She baked from scratch and made her own soap.

I found a mixture of coconut oil and baby wash in water. I am going to make some this weekend and see how it works.


Tuesday April 12, 2016 - Sunday Payless Shoe Shopping

My first stop was Payless Shoes. I am wearing a pair I bought from one of their stores last year.

I parked the car and walked into the store. I did not have my coat on because it was getting warrmer by 2:30 pm. I walked slowly trying to keep my back straight and head up, chest out and stomach in. There was a good size crowd of shoppers in the area. This store is in between Target and Old Navy. There was a lot of foot traffic and people in the parking lot.

Once I arrived in the store, the clerk welcomed me in the store. I returned the hello, but my voice wavered. I am trying to speak more from my head than my chest. But when I first start talking after not talking for awhile, my voice can not stay in my head and it cracks and wavers. I think I need to hum or sing in the car to loosen my muscles and vocal cords.

I went to my size 12 area to try on some shoes. I did see two pair of shoes on sale for $15 each. It was a buy on get one 1/2 price. So those shoes would cost me $22.50 plus tax. But I just wanted to look today and try some on, so I could get an idea of what I like and look good on me.

Below you can see the seven shoes I tried on. I was there for about 45 minutes. After I left Payless, Karen sent me a text saying that she should be available after 4:30. It was going to take me until 4:00 pm to get in her area. So I decided to go up there and visit a  Goodwill Store while waiting on her.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Tuesday April 11, 2016 - Eyeliner color infographic

Monday April 11, 2016 - Makeup for Sunday Outing

I got back from the gym around noon. I took my shower and decided to figure out my clothes for the day. After I dressed and got my hair together, I went into the bathroom to put on "my face".

I used the technique I learned from my Ulta Beauty makeover. I like Sunday's results but I still need practice. Putting on makeup is fun, but it takes practice because there are so many options and application techniques.

I use to put on foundation first. Now I start with a primer over may face. Then I moved to my eyes.

Eyebrows: I used a spoolie brush to get my eyebrow hairs going in the same direction. I have had electrology on my brows, so they are now naturally arched and shapely. But the spoolie makes them look a little better. The eyebrow pencil I used was a little too dark but I used it to box in and frame my eyebrows. I then added a light concealer above and below my brows to bring them out. I blended the a light eyeshadow powder over the brows to lighten them. I am going to go back to my dark brown eyebrow pencil in hopes to lightening the appearance.

Eyeshadow:  I saw a video in which white eyeshadow was places under the eyebrow arch, the center of the eyelid and the corner of the eye. I then added a neutral color across my upper lid which is under my brows. This was followed by a dark purple in the crease and outer park of the lid. Finally I put a brown on the inside part of my eyelid. Then I blended it all in. I need to learn more about color and what are my objectives with my shadow.

Eyeliner: I added the outside wing first. Then I placed black eyeliner along my bottom waterline and connected it to the wing. I am still not confident enough to add liner along my upper waterline. I added liner just above my eyelashes and connected it to the wing. Finally, I  thicken to the back half of my upper line. This creates the catlike look with wings.

Eyelashes: I am pretty good at adding mascara to my top and bottom lashes. I add a layer to my lashes. On my upper lashes, I coat both the top and bottom of my lashes. I then waited and worked on the next area. I came back and added a second coat. I then came back toward the end and curled them.

Foundation: Now I added my foundation. I now use two foundations. I use the lighter foundation under and around my eyes. I blended that foundation around my eyes,down to the corner of my nose and up around to the back of my eyes.  Next I added my base foundation, from my blush area down to the base of my neck.. I added it by places dots of foundation and then using my hands, I spread it around to make sure I cover the area. I blended all of the foundation over my face. I took the light foundation blender sponge and went over my nose, up to the center of my eyebrows and down thru the bow of my lip to my chin.

Blush: I added blush in that area where the two foundations converge. I started at the apple of my cheek, up to the back of my eyes. I blended it down.

Contour: I added a dark contour below the blush area and blended it in my cheek area and moving it back and up, following my blush line.

Lipstick: I added my lip liner along the line of my lips and then used  to cover my total lip area. I added my lipstick and followed it up with clear lip gloss.

I like the look. But I want to try a white eyeliner and improve my application. This comes with practice and trying different looks.

Now I can understand why young girls have makeup playtime together. To learn application and try difference products.

BTW, Karen complimented me on my makeup and the public used female pronouns all day.

Monday April 11, 2016 - My Sunday was normal

I spent Sunday afternoon and evening out as Susan. it was enjoyable and felt normal. I started out by going to the gym in the morning. I then got dressed and went out for the day, shopping and running errands.

I wanted to wear a dress but the weather was cool today. I was going to add tights but my dress lost a button and I could not find it. So I changed to a brown color based outfit with a sweater top brown leggings and my brown fur coat. I could not put together a spring color based outfit. So brown is was.

This is a summary post about my day. I will provide more detail in future posts.

Everywhere I went, I was referred to as a woman. I started out on my own and met up with Karen around 5 pm.

I left the house around 2 pm and went to Payless Shoes and then I went to Goodwill. After visiting both of those store, Karen called me and told me she was ready and we met at the area Krogers.

Karen and I  went to a second Goodwill and shopped for about an hour. It was great shopping with another woman. We moved on to another Payless Shoe store. But it closed at 6pm and we got there at 6:07 pm. So I decided to go to CVS.

After CVS, we picked up some Chinese food and headed to the park. Once at the park, we sat on a bench around the lake and eat our food.

We spent the next hour just talking about stuff, while we ate. It was really nice to have someone to talk to about  my transition and my fears.

Around 8:15 pm, it was getting cool and we decided to leave the park and each of us headed home.

The only problem, is that I will be in a dysphoric mood for a few days because I miss presenting as a woman.