Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday February 28, 2015 - Live Long and Prosper

I stated earlier in the week, that I was a Star Trek fan. I have not only watched all of the TV shows from all five series and the movies, but I have read close to 100 of the paperback books. People would get mad at me because I could bark the captian's orders while watching the TV show or movies before it was said.

"Shields up......On screen!"

I was and still am a nerd when it come to that stuff. When reading the paperback books, I know all of the captains and the crew and their idiosyncrasies.

During Star Trek's first run from 1967 to 1969, I use to watch it every week on my parent's bed. I was 11 to 13 years old. I remember sometimes getting under the covers to watch Star Trek, wearing my mother's bra, girdle and stockings.When I could, I use to love to watch Star Trek and Wild Wild West dressed.

I loved the analytically Spock. I could relate to him because of his logic and his minority status. I was and still am good with math, computers and coding.

But I really wanted to be Urura. She wore that short sexy dress with black stocking. She was cute, smart and wore that dress really, really, really well. I wanted a version of that dress.

Even today, she has aged well and I hope I age as well.

"Spock's" death was tough to take. But at 83, he had a great life. I have told people, I want to live until 83, so I can beat my father (76) and grand father (82).

I am now closer to the end than the beginning and time is not guaranteed to any of us. Today a friend of mine, had a major stroke and is paralyzed.

This is why I decided to start my journey. I do not know when I will be called to meet my ancestors. I want to atleast know what is was like to be able to express my femininity anyway I want and help the younger generation of transgendered kids.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday February 27, 2015 - A future way to transition. I can not wait.

I was thinking, what if,  in the future, you could transition from male to female by taking transition medicine.

Today, we have to have electrology, voice lessons, FFS, HRT and SRS. After years of doing the alphabet soup process, it's still difficult to fully transition. Especially, if you start at an older age.

The younger T-girls have a better chance. Here is a video showing what would happen, if such  medicine was available.

I would take it tomorrow! Remember, no pain, no gain.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday February 26, 2015 - Rest of My Tuesday's Femboy day

Yesterday, I blogged about my shoe shopping experience. Sadly, because of my workload, I had to go home and could not run many additional errands. That was too bad because the compliment I received by the young lady energized me.

This is why I am encouraging more of us to get out. You can not come close to the feeling you get when complimented in public. All of the years inside can not equal one unsolicited compliment.  I have had compliments from both male and female store clerks. In the general public, its only been women. I think part of that is because they are more observant and know how hard it is to get that style right.

I love it creating that Femboy look.  My look is based on how I feel that day, what is in my closet and how I can push the envelop. The reaction of the public has been great and that has given me the confidence to do more.

After I left the shoe store, I went to Krogers next store to find some energy bars on sale. I usually eat one bar for breakfast. But I am out of them. I like buying them at the close-out section because they are very inexpensive. As you may know I am a frugal girl.

They did not have any energy bars at the closeout section. But, I did buy some new rubber gloves for cleaning and washing dishes. My current one have a hole in them.

I headed home after leaving Krogers.

Once I got home, I took off my coat but my office is cool. So I put on my pink poncho. I also decided to wear my wig and play with different styles.

I really like this wig and I am going to take some time in the near future to play with different styles and create different looks.

I thought I might get back out, but my computer was acting up and I lost some work. Recreating that work kept me in my office until 8 pm.

Afterwards. I ate, changed and headed for the gym for an hour of cardio.

I have decided that I am going to feminize my workout outfit. This spring, I am going to introduce yoga pants with a long tight t-shirt. I will color coordinate my outfit this with some ankle socks and women sneakers. Below is an example.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wednesday February 25, 2015 - Shoe Shopping

I love female shoe shopping. Yesterday I stated that I did not have a black pair of boots. So after my electrology session, I went boot shopping. Of course at this late date in the season, there is not a lot of inventory.

I went to Show Show store because they have a nice inventory of shoes in size 12 and the prices are low.

The first shoe store I went to was just down the street from my electrologists' office. It's a smaller store and the boot inventory was low.

So I went to a bigger store closer to my home. At that store, I only saw one pair I was interested in.

I like this boot, but it was only in brown and I need a black pair.

It was a short knee boot or long ankle boot. It has buckles and fur which I like. Also it does not make my legs look too skinny.

After a few minutes, I decided to look for some nice open toe shoes.

I tried on these two shoes pictured below. They have a similar style. I like the one on the left with the ankle buckle. It has two buckles and the top one, which my pants cover, does work and allow you to tighten the shoe around your ankle. The shoe on the right has a front clip and a rear zipper. I like how they look and feel, but I decided against buying a pair because I need to find some boots.

This is a picture of me after putting on my makeup at the electrologist's bathroom. I included this picture because of what happened to me at the shoe store.

While I was trying on those shoes, a mother and her young adult daughter were near me trying on shoes. The mother was looking for a pair of shoes for a wedding this weekend.

The daughter turned to me asked where I got my gray leg warmers and how much I paid. I told her I paid $5.00 at Payless shoe store.

She stated that she wanted to get a few pair in different colors.

I stated, I like them too, especially when I am wearing flats and its cold outside.

She then stated that she liked my clothing style and that I looked nice. I smiled and said thank you.

That put me on cloud nine. I felt so good. It reminds me of the lady in December 2014 at Goodwill, who thought I was in the fashion business.

The young lady then mentioned a store that is having sale on leg warmers for $2.99. I told her I am going to get a few pairs in different colors, just like her.

After I left the store, I felt great and did not want to go home to work. But I had to. So I decided to stay in Femboy mode while working at home in case I might go out later.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday February 24, 2015 - Electrologist and Femboy day.

Today is cold and wet. I have my weekly eletrology session and Femboy day. I only have I one pair of boots but they are light tan with fur. I do not like wearing them when its wet. I need a pair of dark brown or black boots for a day like this. But since I do not have a pair, I choose a black pair of flats..

I based my outfit on those shoes. My base color was black/white/silver. I decided to wear my black/white pea coat with black jeans. I added grey leg warms. To add color, I picked a red sweater.

My jewelry was based on the red to match my sweater with silver and black mixed in for the base outfit.
Earrings: red
Bracelet:: 1) red based multi-color and 2) a black bracelet
Rings: 1) my little kitty - red and silver, 2) red diamond 3) diamond ring and 4) silver with gold
Necklace: gold with diamond heart

I have on a black and grey belt that you may see a peak of under the red sweater in the right side picture.

I added a grey scarf, which is not in the picture.

I have a lot of work to do, so I will run just a few errands after my appointment. I am going to look for some black boots.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday February 23, 2015 - Told another one

I have three daughters in their twenties. Earlier, I told my oldest daughter that I was transgendered. She is the one married with two kids.

Well, yesterday, I was out with my middle daughter. We went to the grocery store. She is 27 and an artist. She works for the government, running an after school program and an entrepreneur who operates a summer art camp.

She was always an artist and different. She is always very observant which is why she asked me about my long eyelashes when I started wearing mascara.

As we were driving home, she asked me what was wrong. It caught me off guard, so I told her about my history of being transgendered.

Our talk went well and she said she did not know. I always though she may have known because when she was in high school she asked if it was OK if one of my daughters was a lesbian. I told her is was OK and I would still love her and be there for her.

Now she was saying the same thing to me. It made me think about as we get older we become the children and our children become the parents.

So far so good. I can not wait for my next Femboy Day, this Tuesday with my Electrologist appointment in the morning. I always have to remember, "no pain no gain".

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday February 22, 2015 - When it's cold, think of spring.

When its cold outside, I usually think about spring and the beach. Today I am going to share my pin board of spring dresses. I love spring because it means winter and the cold are behind us and summer is around the corner. Even though I do not wear dresses in public....yet, I love them.

Here is my latest dress board. What do you think? I am sure you can tell what type of dresses I like.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday February 21, 2015 - Resource Links - Face

Below is my list of links about the face. Please check back, as I continue to add links.

The following web links will help you find figure out the best way to feminize your face.

As of 02-21-15, there are five links in the above category.
  1. Virtual Makeover allows you to upload your picture and then play with makeup, glasses and other accessories. If a lot of fun to play with.
  2. Find your face shape
  3. This site compares male vs female portraits.
  4. This site has good ideas on how to make your face appear rounder.
  5. Which sunglasses work on which feminine face shape

Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday February 20, 2015 - New Transgender Show

CBS is working on a new legal show that would revolutionize how the county sees transgender people. Laverne Cox will play a transgender lawyer who has a love interest. This could have the same impact on society as Modern Family. I have a previous post about Modern Family and its possible impact on how society changed its mind about same-sex marriage. (Click Here)

In that post I showed how polling by both Pew and Gallup show a steady annual uptick in support for same-sex marriage, after Modern Family appeared. TV is a powerful social medium.

This show will cast Ms. Cox  as  a transgender Ivy League-educated attorney, described as “competitive as she is compassionate. She’s fierce, funny and the fact that she’s experienced injustice first hand makes her fight all the harder for her clients.”

Finally a transgender person who has all of the traits and issues normal people have. This will allow the pubic to see  a positive role model who they can cheer for. And imagine what this will do for the young transpeople trying to figure life out.

Could you imagine if we had a show like that when we were 7 to 15 years old?

If its successful, expect within a few years to see polling numbers change and support for trans-issues grow. However, do not expect much change from the anti-transgender voters. Its the people on the fence that will jump in to support us because of this show.

Just like Orange is the New Black, Transparent and other independent  videos, as long as the transgender person is a positive role model, it will help all of us.

This is why we must do are part to spread the word that we are good people, who live within the community and not to be feared. Even if you are still in the closet, you can show support for trans-issues.

For example, I supported unisex bathrooms because I have three daughters and I needed a bathroom where I could go in with them instead of asking a lady, I did not know to watch them for me.

Imagine how single mothers with young boys feel sending their sons  into the bathroom by themselves or asking a stranger to watch and help their sons.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thursday February 19, 2015 - Excited about a Shoutout on

I have been following for many years. Stana's blog is a  must read in our community and it was a major reason why I started blogging. I have seriously blogged for only a few months and sometimes it hard to figure out what to say.

Well I noticed many bloggers in our community have been blogging almost daily for many years.

I am a Star Trek fan and love to think about time displacement. What if the current you could go back in time to meet the past you.

For you non-trekees, The picture on the left is Captain Jayneway going back in the past to help her younger self make the correct decision to beat the Borg and get Voyager back home.

Ok, back to current time.

I suggested to Stana, that she "go back in time" and review her older posts to see how things have changed. I am honored that she thought I had a good idea. Today's Femulate post is her first successful attempt at discussing the changes that have occurred since that original post.

I hope other bloggers would think about trying the same thing. It would be interesting to read the comments of the present person discussing their past and how things have changed.

Stana's current hair is lovely but I think the curliness of the older hair style is very cute. As a matter of fact, I was thinking of a curlier hair style with curly bangs and curls around cheek level. I think it rounds the face and makes the face less angular and more feminine.

Here are a few styles, I have been thinking about.

I do not know about this hair. It might be too long which makes the face appear longer.

I might just like the model's stunning look. But the curliness softens the face.

I like this hair length and the lighter color. I would add a little more dark streaks in the hair and the style adds a little too much on the top.

I like that you can see the earrings. I do not like using the hair to cover to much of the face, because its look like you are hiding.

But the curls add the volume that makes the face appear smaller and rounder.

This hair is similar to the previous one, just darker and a little shorter. I see some women in a cheaper version of this style and you can easily tell its a wig.

This wig would have to be made of high quality hair and a lace or silicon cap.

I would like some lighter streaks. But it would be great for the hot Georgia summers because it would give some relief to my neck.
This style covers too much of the ears, but the length is good.

Its similar to the previous two styles.

I would like some darker streaks and as above, it must be made of quality material.

These short curly styles are cute but must be quality or it will look like a floppy hat or worse, a rug.

Thursday February 19, 2015 - My Femboy Day - Part 2

Tuesday after my session, I did get out. I am now fearless. I feel, after last week, I can go anywhere.

My first stop was Subway, because I was starving. Subway is one of my main food stops because I have an app that allows me to calculate the calories of anything I eat.

I had not eaten, so I ordered my usual  ham sandwich but added cheese and pepperoni to add flavor and calories.

There was about five people in line and no one said anything or looked at me funny. Everyone was nice and courteous. There was a young guy with ear plugs dancing to the music on his phone. We looked at me going in and out and I just smiled and kept going.

At the check out, there was a young couple in front of me. They ordered two sandwiches and the young lady pulled out a $100 bill. The cashier could not accept any bill larger than a $20. So I offered to pay for all three because I was hungry and I felt that this was a good time for some positive karma to be sent out. So I used the 3 foot longs for $15 price and bought all three. The young lady kept thanking me and left.

It ended up costing me about $10 extra, but both the Karma and "public relations" as a Femboy doing good, was worth it. At least she and her boyfriend will remember some feminine older guy bought them lunch and helped them.

Over the last month, I have had two flat tires. In both cases, I did not have a car jack. So, on my way back home, I decided to go to AutoZone as a Femboy. These car parts places are a macho hangout. But after my visit to the lawn repair store last week, I was no longer afraid or apprehensive about these places. So I parked, covered my subway sandwich and walked in. There were guys everywhere. I found the jacks, picked the least expensive and headed for the front counter. The service guy treated me like any other customer. I asked him if this type of jack would work for my car. He said yes and asked me for my phone number to see if  I had a discount and a frequent user card. I gave him my number and my male name came up. I told him that was my name and he told me I had no coupons. The jack I picked up was in the discount section but was not discounted. I did not want to pay that much, so I asked if I could look for another one. He said OK and I found a better one that was on sale.

I bought it, but it was heavy. I was going to ask if some could take it out to the car for me, but I was staving and everyone else was busy.  I had to use both hands to hold it. I felt a helplessness and needing someone to carry it for me.

Someone did open the door for me but no one offered to carry it for me. Oh well, maybe next time.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday February 18, 2015 - My Femboy Day - Part 1

Yesterday was my weekly electrology day and I go as a Femboy. I only spent part of the day out. After 1 pm, I had work to complete, so I went home.

I had a good session. However that work around my mouth still hurts and makes eyes water. It now takes about 1 hour to totally clear my face.

I use to have to shave every day and twice when wearing makeup. I now no longer shave and have no shadow. I wanted to get my beard removed because older women do not wear that much makeup. I thought having to wear beard cover would make me look older.

I will back to a light foundation primer, followed by a light foundation, once I finish my electrology later this year.

Below are by before and after pictures from Tuesday's session. The right photo is before the session. Other than the wrinkles, notice the redness around the mustache and chin area, in the left photo (after session) . It will go away later today.

I can not wait until this is over. Only a few more months, I would say another 12 to 15 one hour weekly sessions, should just about finish it. 
It seems like yesterday, I was going to e3000 in Dallas and it would take 10 to 12 hours to clean my face. It was expensive, but worth it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday February 17, 2015 - Weekly Electrology Appointment

I got up late this morning and for the first time quickly dressed and ran out the door to my appointment. At first I thought I should just go in boy mode. Then I figured, what is the difference between boy mode and femboy mode? Just a few items!  Since I had an idea of what I wanted to wear, I decided to go for it.

Saturday, I just bought 4 pair of leggings that were on sales. It's funny because they were the smaller sizes that they were trying to get rid of and that is now my size (Small 4-6). So the weight control is worth it.

 It is freezing in Atlanta, but did not snow yesterday. So I picked out a red sweater to go with a caramel pair of leggings. I added some tan tights and brown shoes. Later, I thought about it and decided that I should have worn my beautiful light brown fur boots. But I was in a hurry and missed that opportunity to wear them. I was a little wet outside, but I could have kept them clean and dry.

I was not going to wear makeup until after my morning session because of  my eyes water and will smear the mascara.

I added my light jacket and threw on some rings, a bracelet and earrings. I did not wear a necklace due to time. I am going to need a necklace I can throw on quickly. All of my necklaces are chains in which I have to add a pendant. This allows me to mix and match colors and lengths.

Finally, I put on a multi-colored scarf that I bought at Payless.

I got dressed in 10 minutes without makeup which is fast for this femboy.

I will write a post or two about what happened today, starting with tomorrow's post.

Have a good day, but I have to go.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday February 16, 2015 - Cold and Possible Snow

I am going to sleep in tomorrow.

It does not happen often, but snow and ice are predicted for Atlanta, today.

Last year, the Atlanta Mayor was criticized for the poor response of the Georgia Governor.

In a briefing late Tuesday night, Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal deflected criticism for the traffic nightmare plaguing Metro Atlanta saying in part that the crippling weather was "unexpected" and that government officials made preparations based on forecasts that called for "the majority of the effects of the storm" to be "south of here."
By Eric Zerkel and Chris Dolce  Published Jan 30 2014 12:46 PM EST
Guess where the Weather Channel is located? ATLANTA!!!!!!!
I hope the Governor downloads the weather app this time!

I was raised in New Jersey and have been living in Atlanta since August 1974. We use to get snow about one decade. But lately, since 2010, it has been snowing more often.
The most famous snow storm in my 40 years living in Atlanta was Snow Jam 1982.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday February 15, 2015 - Rest of my Femboy Day - Part 2

Atlanta, always has traffic and Tuesday afternoon was no different. I reached the southside of Atlanta by 2:30 pm. My first stop was a lawn mower repair shop. My wife had taken the blade to the shop to have it sharped.

I had never been there before and had to use my cell phone Google mapping service to find it. I asked my wife to text me the address yesterday and I would pick it up.

I stopped by the bank and used the ATM drive thru to get the cash, just in case this shop does not take and debit card.

Lawn Mower Blade

I found the place it was an older place with the technicians and what looked like a few customers hanging around. The blade was ready for pickup, but I was nervous for the first time today. Its an older building with older men hanging around. Its the kind of place you would expect some issues if you were a cis-women. As a Femboy, it could be tough. I expected at least stares and maybe some talk behind my back.

I got out of the car and walked slowly toward the entrance. I told the older guy, I there to pickup a blade. He said that my wife told him to expect me. I walked past the three other guys. They were definitely technicians based on their clothes and rough hands. The place was old and dirty. Its the kind of place you would expect repair work to take place.

To my surprise, no one said anything and the older guy (I suspected was the owner) retrieved the blade. They referred to me with male pronouns and Sir, which was fine with me. Usually in these small businesses, they may not take debit cards. So I had cash, but he nor his main assistant had any change (for a $20). So, I ended up using a debit card anyway.

The other guys were walking around both the inside and outside of the shop acting as if I did not exist. In my male voice, I thanked the older guy for his quick turnaround and quickly got in my car.

Wow, in the past, there was no way I would have went into that store in Femboy mode with these guys hanging around. And I was expecting a more negative reaction to me. If not some negative verbal reaction at least some looks and pointing.

But none of that happened.

Payless Shoes

My next stop was at the Payless down the street. I went in the try on some heels and look for some new flats.

I had a coupon for 15% emailed to me, so if there was a good deal, I would use it.

There were some OK shoes but nothing I wanted. The cashier was helpful as usual. I tried on a few flats and a couple of heels. But none of them worth buying. The cashier asked if I was leaving without buying anything. I told her what I was looking for. So she went into the back to see if there were any size 12 flats that were not out on the floor. All of the size 12 shoes were out.

However, the store had a sale on  scarves.I liked the white scarf, I bought from that store. So I walked over to check the display. They are offering a 30% discount and coupon was good for an additional 15%.

I bought three scarves, grey, red and multi-color. I like these scarves and the color works with both pea coats.

Ultra Beauty
My final stop was to check out makeup. First, I brought my L'Oreal mascara and I wanted to know when its time to buy another one.

The store was not too crowded and I asked a young customer service rep about my mascara. She stated that as long the mascara is not clumpy, It was good to use.

The young sales lady's makeup looked very good. So I asked her what products she used. Her foundation was flawless. The only thing I did not like was her long eyelashes. They were too long and not natural.

I enjoyed talking makeup and getting some ideas. She showed me some blush options and I ended up buying some along with her recommended makeup remover.

I am going to add a little blush to my Femboy look, next week. After my next week electrology  session, I will add blush for the day. It will be very light and used for contouring and brightening my face. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday February 14, 2015 - Rest of my Femboy Day - Part 1

Tuesday, I ran many errands. Actually, I could not get to all of them.  After my pedicure I went to six different stores. This post is about my first three stops. The last three stops will be discussed in tomorrow's post.

CVS Drug Store

I needed to get some items from CVS. There is a transgendered manager that works at this location. I have seen her over the years transform into a very pretty women. I was hoping she was working today because I was going to tell her she was a hero to me as I watch her grow from afar.

But she was not there. Darn!

I had a Cover Girl coupon and I used it to buy some more lip gloss and nail polish. Also, I needed restock some of my bath items.

Everyone was nice to me as I shopped with other women in the makeup section and throughout the store.

GIM Computer

I had to get my laptop serviced. I have been using this computer store since 1998. I know the shop owner well because I use him for all of my computer needs. Also, I wanted to purchase a second used laptop as a backup. I dropped my computer off on Monday and came back today to pick it up and buy the backup. Needless to say, he had not seen me in my Femboy mode. This was the first time I went to a store that knew me well in boy mode.

The owner said hello and we talked. He had my main laptop ready and I bought a second one from him. I noticed the technician brought me my repaired machine and hung around. As we talked a young college student came in who a masculine girl. She was in her early 20's with short hair and boy clothes. (S)he was looking to buy a new screen for her desktop. So the technician went to help her.

I smiled and thought if one day technology would allow us to switch bodies. It would be a great deal for me, but I do not think she would want a 58 year old male body. But I could do wonders with a 20+ year old female body :-}.

The owner treated me as he always does and acted like there was no difference. But there obviously was. I had on light but noticeable makeup and feminine clothes.
Smoothie King

After I left GIM Computers, I went down the street to Smoothie King. I was hungry and had a taste for a smoothie. Their prices are kind of high, but it was going to be a meal replacement and I had not had breakfast or lunch. It was going on 1 pm.

I entered the store and decided to go into the bathroom (unisex) to check my appearance. The door was unlocked, when I opened it, a male employee was on the toilet. I quickly closed it and I heard him lock the door.

I was embarrassed and went to the ordering station to place my usual order. When I got to the pay station, that employee walked up to the cash register. He said he was sorry that he did not lock the door. I also said I was sorry that I did not knock first.

I could tell he was a little uncomfortable taking my order. I do not know if it was my appearance, our bathroom mix up or both. He keep shifting his gaze and did not look me in my face. I paid for my smoothie. I said bye as I took it. I checked the bathroom again and the door was locked. I think a new customer beat me to the bathroom. So I left.

I learned a lesson to always knock and check the door lock before entering a small one person unisex bathroom.

All of the employees were nice to me and I appreciated the apology from the young male employee over the bathroom mix up.

So far the morning was fun. I got my pedicure and made three stops on the North side of town. There were no issues and I am feeling confident. I think that confidence I now portray helps.

I have three more stops on the South side of town and I was worried about that first stop.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Friday February 13, 2015 - Pedicure

While out on Tuesday, I got a pedicure. I went to the same place, I went before and asked for the same technician. There were a few ladies in the store, so I had the wait. A lady with her teenage daughter was there and her daughter was getting her first set of nails. The girl appeared to be a young teen and I was surprised she was not in school.

As I told the lady up front that I wanted a pedicure, the mother and daughter were talking about nails and did not respond to the manager who had just finished with me. So the manager repeated herself and the mother before answering stated that she thought the lady was still talking to me. The mother referred to me as "him".

Which was OK because as a Femboy, I am not attempting to pass, just show my femininity.

So I sat down and waited. Last time I had a French Tip nail polish. This time I decided to go with pink in anticipation of  Spring. I walked over to the wall of polishes and picked my color. I felt comfortable waiting like any lady for my water to be drawn and the technician finishing with her current client.

When directed, I sat down, took off my flats and trouser socks. I put both feet in the warm water and gave my technician my polish. She does not speak English which allows her to concentrate on her work. That last sentence sounds cold. I would like small talk while she works but since we really can not communicate, we can both concentrate on what we are doing. She gives me hand directions and I smile and nod my head in agreement.

The lady next to meet had just finished her manicure and was having a pedicure with the same red nail color that is on your finger nails. As I watched TV, ladies came in and out to have work done. One lady brought her young son who sat across from me and played with his video game and not once looking at me.

I felt at home and relaxed. I read some articles on my phone and returned emails. When I made eye contact with other ladies, we exchanged smiles.

Below are some pictures of the tech working on my feet, just before she polished my nails.

Also I have a short video of the art work she did on my big toes.

I did not like that shade of pink. I think a darker pink, maybe a rose color might be better. But I like the art work.

I brought my own flip flops this time. Last time I had to use their "throw away" flip flops and they were too small for me. These looked better and after some time under the drying lamp, I was able to walk out to my car in flip flops that were the correct size.

I may go back and have a new polish put on. Something a little darker.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday February 12, 2015 - My Electrology Session

Tuesday, I had my weekly electrologists session. I am toward the end as it took only 1 hour to clear my face. Over the past two years, I went to E3000 in Dallas for over 110 hours of work. I am now using a local electrologist to clear what remains.

I miss that Lidocaine, that e3000 uses. I do not have many whiskers left but the few along the lip line and under the nose are painful. I try to use breathing and relaxing techniques to manage the pain.

My electrologists asked me if it hurt because I remain so calm. She stated, I was her best patient when it came to handling that pain. I told her it hurt like heck, but I was trying to remain calm, to make it easier for her. And I just say to myself, once less hair, one step further.

However, the pain does cause my eyes to water. Last week, it made my mascara run. After the session, I went to the bathroom and had to remove the mascara that had run all over my cheeks. I was upset because I did not have any mascara to put back on.

So, this week, I brought my mascara with me and reapplied it after I cleaned up. Next week, I am not going to apply mascara until after I complete my session, because putting it on before the session is a waste. I know I am going to cry every week.

Yesterday's post was about how I felt while sitting on the horizontal chair having my face cleared. I talked about how vulnerable I felt. I just wanted my boyfriend/husband there to hold my hand and say everything would be ok.

Below is a photo of my face soon after my session. My lip area is red but will clear up shortly. It does feel great to no longer have to shave. It makes all of that past pain and the pain still to come, worth it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday February 11, 2015 - Feeling Feminine and Sexy

Yesterday, I was feeling very feminine and sexy all day. Throughout the day, I shopped and ran errands without thinking about my appearance. However, in the back of my mind, I was thinking about how nice and pretty I felt.

The image captures my feelings during my electrology session as I laid on the horizontal chair. Usually, I am thinking about what I am going to do that day. But this time, I felt like snuggling and I felt so vulnerable laying there.

For the last five days, I have been dreaming and thinking about my life as a women.

I believe in Karma and that if you send out positive Karma and do good things for people, It will come back in  greater amounts. I also think there are connections between people that we do not fully understand. I know of people who have had loved ones, who lived far away, come to them on the day they died.

I have thought about someone and found out later that something happened to them.

I also believe it is possible that we had previous lives. (See ABC Primetime Story)

So for some reason I am connecting to my inner feminine self in a very intimate way. At this point, I do not know why.

Could it be possible, I had a previous life as a woman and that is where my transgenderism originates? I know it sounds crazy.

But what if its true and as I transition, I am connecting to memories from a previous life. What will happen as I continue and the feeling grow stronger? What will HRT do to these feelings?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday February 10, 2015 - Electrology and Femboy Day

Today is my weekly electrology session and day out as a Femboy. I got up late this morning, so I was running to get to my appointment. Below is my outfit for the day.

I thought about it and decided to show both my outerwear and underwear. My underwear outfit was white because I was wearing my black and white pea coat. I love lace, so both my panties and camisole where white lace and my sports bra has a little lace along the top.

My outerwear is a nice blue sweater with my blue jeans leggings. I am going to get a pedicure today, so I wore black trouser socks with a nice print and my older black flats. My newer black flats have the straps and buckles and they made my feet look too busy with the printed trouser socks.I would have wore my newer black flats if I wore black knee-hi stockings But its cold outside, so I wanted more cover on my feet.


My basic jewelry included a few of my standard rings and a blue one that matched my sweater. I am wearing a silver bracelet on one wrist and a multi-color one on my other wrist. The multi-color adds a splash of color to my outfit.

I am feeling so feminine and sexy today. I will blog about my day over the next few posts. Enjoy your day.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday February 9, 2015 - Motherhood

The last few days, I have expressed using images what I feel inside. When I was young, I wanted to be a girl. I prayed every night before I went to bed that God would make me a girl. I thought it was impossible but I prayed anyway.

Over the decades, I have learned you can become a women. I am so happy that young children now, with the right parents can fullfill that transition dream early.

But I also dreamed of motherhood. At this point, it can not happen. But with technological and social changes, I think it will be possible one day.

Here is a picture of the future me with my husband and our children that we conceived. 

One day it will be possible.

Sunday, February 8, 2015