Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Wednesday November 30, 2016 - Dressing as a tall woman

Being 5'10", I am trying to create a style based on being a tall woman. I have seen woman taller than me, but I want to learn how to own my height.

Below is a nice infographic about fashion and taller woman.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday November 29, 2016 - Realization about HRT

About a week ago, I wrote a post about whether my HRT meds might be fake. I said it because after switching pharmacies, I did not feel the same while taking the meds from the new pharmacy. My friends out there talked me "off the ledge" (LOL) and they were right. I also posted a question on Reddit and received similar comments.

Two days after that post, all of my feeling came back. I was in a better place mentally and my breasts were bouncy and in the way. Every time I moved, I felt them. Even standing up.

Today, my body is quiet again. I must have entered a new more mature phase.

During the first 5 months, my body changed quickly and stayed energized. I felt my skin become smooth and my figure change.

Now I have entered a more long-term growth phase, in which that body energy is intermittent. I can tell, I am still changing but its slower. I am going to miss that everyday excitement. But I am OK with the long-term and slow changes.

Friday, I have my six month checkup with my Doctor. I am looking forward to talking to him about my changes.

I am also trying to schedule a lunch with the young college age Transwoman, I met at the mall this spring. We have been messaging each other on Facebook and I suggested we have a girls time out. I directed her to my Doctor and she just started HRT about 2 months ago. So we want to get together and compare notes.

It can be like a big sister, well maybe mother/daughter or grandmather/daughter (Darn!) meal. But if we can get our schedules together, it will be fun.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday November 28, 2016 - Some somber facts.

Once I am finished with my journey, I am going to help others seeking theirs. Here is a somber infographic about our community.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sunday November 27, 2016 - Bra cleaning

I remember growing up and wishing I had breasts and needed a bra. Well 50 years later, here I am. But now I need to learn how to care for my bras.

I have been trying to figure out the best way to clean my bras and how long to wear bras before cleaning them. I have been putting them in the washing machine. But after coming out of the dryer, they are all wrapped up with other clothes. Also, as I move to a larger cup bra and nicer bras, I am not sure the washer and dryer are best.

I found a video on hand washing your bra and another video on using the washing machine. I did learn to stop putting my bras in the dryer.



Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday November 26, 2016 - Transgender people on Netflix.

I have a Netflix account but did not use it much. But I found a list of seven Netflix shows and movies with awesome transgender characters. I am going to watch them all.

BTW, I got into Black Mirror on Netflix and love the show. Its an updated Twilight Zone. My youngest daughter told me about it. If you are into SF stuff, check it out.

  1. Orange Is The New Black
  2. The Forsters
  3. Tangerine
  4. Sense8
  5. American Horror Story: Freak Show
  6. Body Meets Girl
  7. Eating Out: Drama Camp and Eating Out

Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday November 25, 2016 - Getting back to normal?

Thursday I felt better than I had in weeks. I wrote a post about my HRT meds and whether something is wrong with my current set of pills. I have not been mentally or physically feeling the same as the past 4 months. Maybe I had a bad batch of pills.

Well my friends who read this blog gave me their thoughts that made me pause. I also posted a question on Reddit and received some good comments.

Well yesterday, I felt great all day. I felt the changes. My breasts were alive again and I felt calm and attractive.

I thought about this and I realize that this major I project I had been working on, was very stressful and I was not getting enough sleep. I finished and delivered the project Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday night, I finally got 7+ hours of sleep instead of 3/4 hours.

Thursday was the first day in three weeks, I felt great and without that project in front of me. For example, I felt my breasts moving and "in the way",unlike the last three week.

I can not say much about the project except to say, I have seen what will cause the "death"of utility companies. Like other industries, the coming technological singularity is going to disrupt and collapse the energy industry, within the next decade. Look at all of the industries the smartphone has disrupted and collapsed in the past decade.

Anyway, I fell much better and ate too much. I have to work Friday, but I am going to take off this weekend and get some more rest.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday November 22, 2016 - Viceland new Transgender episode

Along with HBO, it appears that Viceland also has programming introducing the country to our community. Hopefully it will continue be in a healthy way.

A show called Balls Deep, has a couple of episodes about life in the trans community.

Below is a clip from an episode called: A SUPPORT SYSTEM FOR THE TRANS COMMUNITY.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday November 21, 2016 - I like this outfit

I need to got out and buy something pretty. It's getting cold and I need to treat myself. I saw this collection and I really like it.

I love the color, the dress hemline and the shoes.

I also like the headline: Renaissance Man.

Bussines Women

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday November 20, 2016 - Is something wrong with my HRT meds?

Are my HRT meds fake? Three weeks ago, I switched to a new pharmacy (Walmart to Sams). Today, I wonder if I have some old or fake medicine or is this the a natural progression (month 6). Yesterday, I noticed that I do not feel the same. Its hard to describe, but my mind is still calm but I do not feel like Susan, its not quite my boy self but.....

I noticed this morning, I woke upon my stomach which is the way I use to sleep. But I have not been able to because it hurts my breasts. My breasts still have feelings but the feelings are not as strong and I am not aware of them like I use to. They do not seem to be getting in the way nor as predominate as they were.

My current estradoil pills are shaped different than the last 5 months of pills. I checked Google images and it seems to be a different manufacture.

 The new pills are round.

These are the old pills.

Monday morning I am going to speak to the nurse in my Dr's office. I am due for my 3 month checkup, after Thanksgiving but I need to check this out this week.

Usually, if you feel something is not right, go with your gut.

Controlling my blood sugar level is slowly working. I started 3 weeks ago, after I received a call from the Dr in my Glaucoma study. My blood test showed a glucose level of  over 400. Part of that was due to a donut in the morning. But he had received my blood test from my HRT doctor and in that test my level was over 400.

So I started my food menu from scratch. I bought a glucose meter, so I could test my blood sugar before and 2 hrs after I eat.  I started with just salads. Then I added baked chicken. I started making and drinking oregano tea in the morning and at night. I make the tea with real oregano leaves and hot water.

Other than the tea, I drink only water and I have slowly added certain meats and other foods back into my menu. I now make some really good meatless spaghetti sauce and chili. I have added baked fish. I have just added some soups. At night I eat a small block of cheese (recommended by my sister). It seems to be working. My level is now under 200 in the morning and under 250 during the day. But I need to drop another 50%, if possible. I need to be under 140 to be considered normal.

I was visiting my brother last week. He is overweight (just over 300 lbs),  eats anything and does not exercise. He wanted to use my Glucose meter. So I showed him how and his level was 130.  This is in the normal range. WOW.

I think exercising out again, could get me into  the normal range or close. But with Thanksgiving coming and later Christmas, I am going to miss those cakes and pies.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday November 19, 2016 - The Trans List - New HBO Doc

HBO is become a supporting platform for the transgender community. A new HBO documentary to air Monday Dec 5, 2016 is called the Trans List. Below is a trailer and a link to the HBO site.

The Trans List l HBO Documentary Films l HBO

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday November 18, 2016 - Could not have said it better.

This is a re-post from February 22, 2015. I was feeling this way today. Two weeks ago I was on the beach in Hilton Head. This post says it all for me today.

When its cold outside, I usually think about spring and the beach. Today I am going to share my pin board of spring dresses. I love spring because it means winter and the cold are behind us and summer is around the corner. Even though I do not wear dresses in public....yet, I love them.

Here is my latest dress board. What do you think? I am sure you can tell what type of dresses I like.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday November 17, 2016 - An act of Love. I like this alot!

I like this action as a way to "fight back". Sending good karma toward those with hate in their heart, is a great idea. I am going to start that practice. Not just with those who hate, but also with those who are in need.

Diner Buys Anti-Gay Family's Dinner As Surprise Act Of Love

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Wednesday November 16, 2016 - Emotional short video - A warning to all of us.

I do not want this space to be too negative. But I found this recent video from one of the ladies I follow. I follow a variety of transpeople on Youtube, just to get a different prospective.

Cherry is young and lives in Atlanta. Her language is kind of rough, but she is being honest. I thought I would share just about 2.5 minutes of her latest video.

Again, I guess I am getting old, so I apology about the language, but I though her feelings and message were on target.

Its an honest warning from someone who cares.

Wednesday November 16, 2016 - Babysitting duties this morning. My new post will be up later in the day.

My middle daughter started a new job while she and her fiancee re-access their relationship. So to help, I am taking my turn to babysit for they day. I am working from home, so its ok.

But I had a post to finish and put up. Iit will have to wait until later today. Maybe around nap time.

He has the same hairline as my daughter. I think its that Bell family (my mother) gene from my mother that will lead to male pattern baldness. All the Bell men I knew, were bald.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday November 14, 2016 - Great Future

Last week was tough. Every once in awhile I need to vent. This is one of those posts. But I have a plan and my future looks good.

What made last week so tough:
  1. Anniversary of my Mother's Death - Nov. 8th
  2. 2016 Presidential Elections - Nov. 8th
  3. Had to turn down trip to Opera - Nov. 12th
  4. Let down from trip to Savannah - Nov 6th
  5. Issues with my two youngest daughters - all week

I was so excited about the elections, that I did not realize that November 8, 2015, was the day my Mother died and the day I met my new friend Karen. All last week I was down, I would not say depressed but just feeling a little low.

At first I thought it was because of the election results. That was tough but I have developed a plan to survive the results both financially and emotionally. It looks like I will be transitioning during a four year period that may give cover for some bad people to do some bad things. I travel in some very remote areas, so I am really going to have to watch myself. It reminds me of the 1960's and 1970's when I grew up. I will just resurrect some of that security I use to have.

This is not a political site, so I will just say, my candidate lost, even though she will end up with the most votes.

Last Saturday, I was invited to the Opera by Karen. That would have been fun, but I a previous engagement with my daughters. They come first. What made this a bummer was that the previous Saturday, I took Karen on a day trip to Savannah and Hilton Head. We had so much fun. We will always be just friends, but she has shown me the possibilities of my future and helped me through the loss of my Mother and my early HRT.

After so much fun in Savannah/Hilton Head, having to turn down the Opera was tough.

Then my two youngest daughters have issues. My middle daughter was engaged to a guy I do not like. He is OK, but there is something about him. After teaching at an all male college for 35 years, I have a good sense of young male character. Well, she has a 7 month old son, my third grandchild and now she knows, he is not the one. So I have been talking to her about her options and to help her get her mind moving forward in a positive direction.

Meanwhile, my youngest daughter is thinking about her future. She is really good at it, but she says the low pay, stress and increased workload is too much. I told her that the problem is that she is in an industry (local TV news) that is dying. Only older people still watch local news. The demographics are trending older and advertisers what younger people. She has the experience of reporting, anchoring and producing. So she needs to take that skill and move to the future, which is the internet. She needs to get ready for the coming Technological Singularity.

Here are a couple of interesting facebook videos she has done recently. Also she was the first anchor, at her station to broadcast live on Facebook.

Next is one of her Facebook live streams while she is anchoring the new live. A very interesting concept.

Finally, over the weekend, I saw the Dr. Strange movie. I did not like his comic books when I was young. But I loved the movie. I believe in a lot of that stuff about what exists beyond our sense: time, timelines and alternate realities.

It made me reevaluate and come up with solutions. Today is my future's past. I can create my own future reality based on decisions I make today. So I have developed a plan and will implement it today.

The future looks good.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday November 13, 2016 - Removing Makeup

One of my issues is removing makeup at the end of the day. I usually do it during my evening shower. I use a non-soap facial wash and some makeup remover towelettes. It take a few washes and towelettes to remove all my makeup. Especially eye makeup.

I found a nice video and shows me an alternative way of removing makeup and I am going to try it.

I just wonder if those white towels can get clean enough to reuse.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday November 12, 2016 - China's Oprah is a Transwoman

Jin Xing, a former male ballet star and army colonel, draws 100 million viewers a week and was the first person, publicly, to undergo gender reassignment surgery in her country.

Jin Xing, China's most popular TV hostess, has been many things in her life: dance prodigy, prima ballerina, decorated colonel in the People's Liberation Army, choreographer, actress, wife and mother of three. She also has been a man.


Meet the Oprah of China, Who Happens to Be Transgender

Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday November 11, 2016 - Contouring and Highlighting

My skin has gotten so smooth and clean. I think that is why I am geting remarks from friends about how young I look. As you may know, I have a strict daily facial and body routine every morning. I have been doing for years and the results show.

So currently, I do not wear a lot of foundation. But I do like to highlight (lighten) and contour (darken) my face to create shadows and bright spots that help feminize the face.

I have had two makeovers over the past year, Clinique and Ulta Beauty. I liked Ulta Beauty makeover the best and incorporated a few of her suggestions. 1) two foundations and 2) darker lipstick.

One of my new looks will be changing from a red blush to a bronze blush. I have seen a few woman with it and I like the look.

Below is an inforgraphic on how to apply highlight and countour lines on your face. It does not take long to apply and does make a difference.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday November 10, 2016 - 5 Month HRT Measurements

Below are my current measurements and the change since last month. The picture is followed an explanation and then a table showing the monthly changes since I began HRT.

The above chart shows that last month 5 of 7 measurements decreased. My above breast line  and thighs remained the same.

In October (Month 4), I increased, however my high blood sugar level forced me to get my food intake back in order. I went to the gym a couple of times, but still not as much as I should. However, I am getting my blood sugar levels down. I have cut them 50% and have another 40%-50% to go.

I was not eating right in September, which is why the October numbers were higher. I am now back closer to September numbers, except for some of the relationships between measurements. These relationship number are still moving toward a woman's shape.

The difference in size between my above breast area and breast line size decreased from 3.25 inches to 2.50 inches which is where it was back September (Month 3).

The difference between the area under my breast line (bra band) and my breast line did not change (after growing last month by 1"):and remains at 4.75.  I started at 2 inches and went to 4 inches (2 months in a row), then down to 3.75" and now up to 4.75". Having my band down and closing toward 34" could mean a new set of bras at 34 instead of 36. I will wait until January measurements around the 10th, to see what happens.

My waist at my belly button did decreased by 0.50" inch. I am staying in that 36.5" range. I am back to my September number and headed in the right direction.

My hip measurement finally decreased over 1.5".

My thighs remained the same

Overall I am happy about my breasts. I would like my overall size to reduce from in the upper 30 inches to middle 30 inch range (except breast line, shoulders and hips).

I need to figure out how to get back into the gym..

Also, I hope the measurement difference between my shoulders and hips will continue to shrink.

45.0 43.0 43.0 41.0
ABOVE BREAST 37.0 37.0 37.5 36.0 36.5 36.5
BUST LINE 38.0 39.0 39.5 38.50 39.75 39.00
BRA BAND 36.0 35.0 35.5 34.75 35.0 34.25
WAIST@BELLY BUTTON 38.0 36.0 37.0 36.5 37.0 36.5
HIPS 40.0 40.0 40.0 40.0 41.0 39.5
THIGHS 37.0 37.0 37.0 36.5 36.0 36.0
HIPS VS SHOULDERS -- 5.0 5.0 3.0 2.0 1.5
BUST LINE VS ABOVE BREAST 1.0 2.0 2.0 2.5 3.25 2.5
BUST LINE VS BRA BAND 2.0 4.0 4.0 3.25 4.75 4.75

My physical goals for Month 4 were:

  1. a lower waist measurement (Done)
  2. increase Breast line measurement (Down not up but that was because of  change in eating)
  3. increased hips measurement (Down not up but that was because of  change in eating)

My physical goals for Month 5 are:

  1. Keep losing weight
  2. Lower waist measurement
  3. Keep relationship between Bust line-Above Breast and Bust line-Bra Line the at least the same 
  4. Keep reducing Hip vs Shoulders relationship

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wednesday November 9, 2016 - A high School that supports transgender students.

Again, early support by parents and the community have a major positive impact on young transgender teens.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tuesday November 8, 2016 - Vote! Which predictor is right?

My first election results night I remember was LBJ in 1964. I was 8 years old and watched Walter Cronkite with my mother in November 1964. I was excited to watch the result and figure out who would win. I would use my newly learned math skills to track electoral college total and state by state votes.

I suspect my mother being Florida native, was nervous about Barry Goldwater.

For decades until the 1976 election, my Mom and I would always watch the election results together. The highs and lows we felt after each election created a closeness that lasted until 2015.

BTW in 1976, I was a Jr. at  Morehouse College. I watched the results with some friends at the Jimmy Carter Election results party at the World Congress Center.

Final 1964 results:


Technology is so difference, but for me the election results are still exciting. I will probably turn in to cable around 7 pm based on the following state poll closing times.

Now instead of watching all state returns, I will follow only a few, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvanian and Ohio. The polls in those states will close by 8 pm. So that will give me a good hour of watching.

Below is a list of the best pollsters and predictors of the Electoral College results. I can not wait to see who will be the closest to the actual result and crowned Queen/King of 2016.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday November 7, 2016 - Voting While Trans

This short video discusses being transgender and voting. This video is followed by a detailed guide to help transgender voters navigate the system.

Voting While Trans: Preparing for Voter ID Laws

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday November 6, 2016 - Rough two days

I am late with my post this morning because of a busy few days. I have now slept less than 4 hours per day both Friday night and Saturday night. I am getting too old for this. There was a time from about 20 to 50 years old that I could operated for three days without sleep. I lost that ability in my 50's.

My rough weekend began Friday, I had an old client call with an emergency. I completed that assignment about 2 am Saturday morning.

Saturday I had planned to drive to Savannah to meeting with a client and inspect some property. My plan was to leave 6 am and it takes about 4 hours from my home to Downtown Savannah. So with only 3 hrs sleep Friday night I drove to Savannah. After my Savannah meeting, I drove over the Hilton Head for few hours of walking on the beach.

I was shocked how much damage was done from Hurricane Matthews. Here is a before picture  and after picture of the neighbor's fence that is across the street from the development I belong to.



I walked the beach for a few hours, just relaxing and thinking about life. I bought her in 1980 as a recently hired College Professor and newly minted MBA. I said back then that I wanted raise my family coming here for summer vacations, bring my grandchildren here and finally retiring here.

Now it's 36 years later and I have accomplished two of those goals with the third still a possibility as Susan. Its been a fun and interest life so far, with so much more to come.

Around 5 pm, I decided to stretch out on our public patio deck and take a nap. The nap lasted for 2 hours. I then sat down for a good seafood dinner,

I did not get home until about 3 am (taking time change into account). I needed to return the car and go to the grocery store. I went to sleep around 3:30 pm and was up by 8 am.

I am still tired. But I have some work I need to get done. I am going to try and get to the gym this afternoon and then to sleep early tonight.

It's been a busty weekend but it gave me some time to be reflective and to determine that I am on the right track..

Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday November 4, 2016 - Here is a trailer for the new 2017 CBS TV show Doubt

I heard about this show last year. It's a new CBS series which premiers in early 2017. One of the regular cast members is played by Laverne Cox. Judging from this trailer, it looks pretty good. The diverse legal team will make for some interesting plots.

I hope this is the start (there will be starts and stops) of mainstreaming transgender characters. She is a transgender woman on the show with a law degree from a good school.. Will she have a love interest?  It will be interesting to see how they expand her character.

What :CBS Television Studios says about the show.

DOUBT stars Katherine Heigl as Sadie Ellis, a brilliant attorney at a boutique firm who starts to fall for her charismatic client, Billy Brennan, an altruistic pediatric surgeon recently accused of murdering his girlfriend 24 years ago. Sadie is hiding her growing feelings from everyone, including her close friend and colleague, Albert Cobb, who thinks he knows everything about her. Working on other cases at the practice is Cameron Wirth, a transgender Ivy League graduate who fights passionately for her clients since she’s experienced injustice first hand; Tiffany Simon, a second-year associate who is quickly learning the ropes from Wirth; and Nick, a former felon who earned his degree while serving time. They all consider it a privilege to work for Isaiah Roth, a revered legal lion and “lefty” legend, whose approval is their holy grail. Sadie’s decision to become involved with her client could put her career, as well as her happiness, at risk if Billy is found guilty, which means she needs to work all the harder to prove reasonable doubt, even if she has some herself.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thursday November 3, 2016 - Creepy guy at the gym

Tuesday night I went to the gym. I am committed to getting back in there at least three days a week.

I worn a pink color-based outfit. I headed out onto the floor and went up to the row of elliptical machines that are closest to the TV. I wanted to watch Game 6 of the World Series and CNN campaign coverage.

Beyond the TV's and weights is a glass covered wall. It allows me to watch what is behind me and look at myself while I workout.

While completing my hour, I noticed the guy walking across the floor between me and the glass wall. I assumed like everyone else, we was moving to another set of weights.

Suddenly, He appeared in my line of vision, walking back across the floor but right in front of my machine. I could have easily reached out and touched him. I looked at him and he said hi but was staring at my chest and not my face.

I told myself, so is this what happens to woman. I am weird because he spoke but did not look at my face, just my chest.

During the rest of the hour, I keep an eye on the guy and I noticed him turning toward me every once in awhile. Also, I think he was looking at my reflection in the mirror. Once I finished my hour of exercise, I noticed he was still using the weights.

I walked into the locker room and quickly dried off, put on my sweatsuit and headed out of the door. It was late, almost midnight, so there were not many people in the center and I had parked upfront. So I had my keys in my hand and quickly got in my car and left.

This was the third instance this week in which I think my changes are being noticed. On Sunday, I was with my oldest daughter and out of nowhere she asked how my transition was going. We talked about it for awhile. But I wonders if she noticed something. She is a counselor and is very observant.

Finally, on Monday, I had lunch with a couple of former students. I had not seen them in a few years. Both of them complimented me on how young I looked and asked what I was doing. I replied that I am just living a healthy live.

I notice that I am changing, I think the rest of the world is now picking up on it, after 5 months of HRT.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday November 1, 2016 - Divide and conquer

A war has begun within the LGBT community dividing advocacy groups from the community and funders from recipients.

The anti-LGBTQ community has found a wedge issue that may divide the LGBTQ community and thus make it more susceptible to religious freedom laws designed to rollback our gains.

The wedge issue deals with Transgender people having access to bathrooms. This issue is a cover to add discrimination to all LGBTQ people in public accommodations. Its more than bathrooms and more than just "T" people..See video below. Look at what HB2 in North Carolina allows.

One of the largest backers of the LGBT agenda, the Gill Foundation, cut off the ACLU because of their unfaltering backing of laws regarding transgender people’s access to public accommodations. The timing of this couldn’t be worse as the case involving Gavin Grimm, the 17-year-old Glouster high school student, will be ruled on by the Supreme Court in 2017.

The Gill Foundation writes over 6 million dollars ins annual grants to LGBTQ groups They have put other LGBT groups on notice too. If they don’t adhere to their policy of accepting transgender legislation without public accommodations in instances they deem necessary, they too will be cut off.

After winning marriage equality in 2015, many of pro-LGBTQ groups envisioned passing LGBT nondiscrimination laws nationwide — but they hit roadblocks.

Conservatives have successfully argued those policies would let transgender people prey on girls in bathrooms. This has become a winning argument. It was used in Houston, TX and of course in North Carolina and Mississippi. Thankfully these laws were defeated in most states (link to all 50 states).

But they will be back. The wedge issue "compromise" is that discrimination in housing and employment is bad, but public accommodations is OK for now as long as its Transgender people.

While the LGBTQ community splits over this issue, anti-LGBTQ forces will push to expand public accommodation discrimination to include the rest of the community, using the bathroom issue as a cover (i.e. North Carolina)

We can not let part of the LGBQ community throw us under the bus. They do not know it yet, but they will soon join us under that bus. This is a long-term play.

They think with this compromise, they will be accepted by the conservative groups. I doubt it, but if they are, it will only be temporary, until the LGBQ community is weak enough to lose public accommodations for same-sex couples.

This is just what happened in the late 1800's when separate but equal allowed for the creation of Jim Crow laws. It took over 30 years for Jim Crow laws to be fully implemented. So the laws aground marriage equlity will occur over decades. This bathroom issue is just the beginning.

What to do now.
Email the Gill Foundation
Donate to ACLU for  supporting transgender rights
Use social networks to comment against "bathroom laws"