Thursday, September 18, 2014

To be a femboy

Its great to live in 2014 and be able to be a femboy without many problems.

I look at the young ones and wish I was under 25 again. However at over 55, I stay in shape and try to look younger. Instead of wishing I was 25, I embrace my age and wisdom and express my femboy.

I am so happy and feel great. Why should the young ones have all of the fun. I am going to start building my femboy network of friends thru volunteer work and keep stretching the femboy envelope.

I will probably become more fem than boy and may transition. But I have reached a spot on the gender continuum that I am happy with.

I will be finished after two years and over $10K with my beard removal. My face is next. I want a adams apple shave and work around my eyes and wrinkled forehead.

I have found a doctor who will give me hormone therapy, when I am ready (by 2016). I do want a more fem body with curves in the right place along with the mental changes.

I am changing my career to get ready for retirement and to be between a femboy and transgirl.


Am I becoming too self-centered. Heck No. It's my time. Femboy Rule!!!

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