Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday September 18, 2014 - A beautiful femday

It's great to get out a do a little girl shopping as a femboy. I feel I can try items on and they know its for me and I do not have to say its for someone else.

Its a happy feeling when you find that right item at a great price.

I went to Payless to look for shoes. I found these gorgeous heels that match a new wool hoodie I bought at Goodwill. Since it was a BOGO at 50%, I only paid $6.

That hoodie and matching heels only cost me about $8.00 total. I bought the Goodwill hoodie using my senior discount (another good reason to be a mature femboy).

The shoes look good on me.

I have to find the right nail polish or I might go with a french tip.

I am going to fill out the rest of this outfit, so I can go out one night.

I also bought a white scarf  and two colorful T-shirts to build out my new wardrobe.

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