Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday October 17, 2014

I had planned on going out today as a femboy. However, a client had an emergency and my business phone would not stop ringing with client problems.

So today, I stayed inside working on my computer.

However, I wore my grey jeggings with a grey sweater. My basic black heels are old but very comfortable. I bought them years ago at a high end shoe store. Expensive and well made shoes are worth every penny. I just need my pennies for other things.

So the picture below has me in heels, but if I were out, I would wear flats.

I bought that belt yesterday along with some makeup.

 I am not wearing foundation yet, but I am wearing brown  eyebrow pencil, clear lip gloss and I curl my eyelashes and wear clear mascara.

I  love my lashes after I curl them. My left eyelashes are more unruly and the curler gets them in line. I just started trying to grow my lashes by applying coconut oil and castor oil on my lashes. I watched a few Youtube videos that suggest this mixture will help my lashes grow. I am going to try it for 90 days to see what happens. Check the video out below.

Video about Castor oil and Coconut Oil for your lashes

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