Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday October 14, 2014 - Out as femboy

I spent the day out in femboy mode. I had to finish my eye exam at lenscrafters (long story) and then order new glasses.

I am getting older and my eyes are getting worse. I now have glaucoma and my eye prescription is getting worse. The good thing is that I have cataracts. They are small, but once they get worse, I will have surgery and will end up with 20/20 vision. The surgery will replace the lenses in my eye. So I was planning on lasik, but the cataract surgery will do the same and my insurance will pay it all, YEAH!.

I do not have any pictures of me today, but I looked cute.I wore jean leggings with a striped shirt and light green hoodie, black flats and black pocketbook. The shirt was green/white/brown, so I wore a green necklace, green bracelet and green/brown hat.

I went to a beauty shop and bought a green belt. The lady at the register asked if I wanted to put it on since it matched my outfit. I decided not to but thanked her and complimented her tattoo.

I am getting into tattoos. I am going to start wearing small temporary tattoos on my ankle, foot or arm. A face or neck tattoo is still a no-no. But a small colorful fem tattoo would be nice.

I found and ordered a cute pair on brown women glasses. One of the great things about the femboy look, is that I can shop either boy or girl sections and the sales lady already knew. I did not get that statement "This is the women's section". She knew by my dress, I needed to be on the women's section.

We started at the men's section first, but I told her I did not want black rim glasses. So without hesitation we moved to the women's section and I found a fastastic pair. The only problem is that they are Prada and I do not like a brand name on my glasses. But the side logo is small.

I wanted a pair of glasses that were larger than normal with a low flat top profile and a large circukar botton profile. The low flat top of the glasses will highlight my eyebrows. The large bottom will make my bottom half of my face look smaller.

The above picture, is an example of what I ordered. However, mine are brown with light specs instead of black. Ther will work with my new wig, I am planning to buy.

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