Saturday, November 4, 2017

Saturday November 4, 2017 - What a bummer.

I have been fighting diabetes while on HRT.  I have been  reading some scientific studies and discovered that HRT is an additional a reason why I have not been successful in getting my blood sugar consistently in the normal range.

However, I have dropped my A1C number down from 11.25 to 8.2. I need to get under 7 to be considered pre-diabetic and under 6 to be non-diabetic.

The main negative affect of HRT is reduced testosterone which leads to reduced muscle mass and more resistance to insulin.

I am going to request from my Dr., my previous 5 blood tests. I have my latest one (June 29, 2017).  I have asked but not received yet, my older blood test results. I started getting these test in August 2015 when  I started using my Dr. and told him I wanted to start HRT 10 months before I wanted  to start.

A recent study showed that Metformin reduces T levels. This maybe why my doctor told me I could reduce my Spiro. I have since reduced it to zero and I suspect my T levels are lower now than when under Spiro at 200 mg.

I do not want to take Metformin because it is causing me to relax my strict eating, which I feel is causing weight gain. However, I am going to stay on it until Friday Nov 10th. It will have been 1 month so I an due a blood text. I would like to see the results. But afterward, I will go stop taking Metformin and add Spiro back.

For my diabetes, I am going back to a strict eating habit and weight training. I am going to find a trainer who works with Transwoman to stay learn and keep some muscles while under HRT for transwoman..

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  1. Thought I had heard it all about transition but this is a new one to me so must not be well known. It is going to make my impending conversation with my doctor more interesting since she has been muttering about raised blood sugar levels. Keep reporting...