Wednesday, May 7, 2014


The Atlanta weather is finally turning hot.

One of my problems is that I dress is guy mode and my skin color is two different shades. My arms and face are darker than the rest of my body.

I shave the hair off my body and when I go to the gym, my saved legs are lighter than my arms and face.

I love my legs, but my color is off. I catch some people at the gym looking. I do not know or care if its because they are smooth or so light or maybe both.

Well today and tomorrow, I am going to use the Atlanta sun to tan my whole body.

I set up a small mattress outside and placed a wall of blakets on two sides. The third side faces the house and the forth side faces the woods.

I showered and put the usual lotion on. I waited until noon, when the sun had moved into the back yard. I setup my "tanning bed", removed my clothes and put on my robe.

Once on the outside mattress, I took off my robe and  laid in the hot sun. It does not take me long to tan. I decided to turn over every five minutes. It was HOT. I did front and back twice. I was sweating alot.

It worked. I now have a nice tan over my whole body. After I finished I took a nap and then  shower, finishing with baby oil all over.

It was fun. I felt like the girls I use to see sun bathing growing up. I thought about what would I say if some guy came up to me to talk, while I was sun bathing at the pool or beach. You are laying out there so unprotected. Now I know why girls tan together. Its not just to socialize.

I am going to tan again today, to get a little darker.

For those wondering, some African Americans need to tan. We just do not need to tan for long or often.

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