Friday, May 9, 2014

Wearing makeup everyday

I started wearing clear makeup everyday. You may wonder why clear makeup?

I wanted to add this to my daily morning regime. 

First, its good practice to learn how to put on mascara everyday.

Second, I need to get use to wearing it every day and how it feels.

Third, I need to learn to keep my hands away from my face and how activities can affect my makeup. For example, I learned from Dr. Oz, to wipe of lipstick before I eat. Then after I eat, I reapply it.

Fourth, I need to check my makeup throughout the day. I keep a tube of lip gloss in my car.

I love doing this every morning. I have had no issues about the makeup because my glasses cover my eyes and no one has mentioned my lip gloss.

I remove my makeup before I go to the gym because of the sweating.

Below are the two products I use.

Once I finish my electrolysis, I plan on adding a clear foundation and light blush. 

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