Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday November 11, 2016 - Contouring and Highlighting

My skin has gotten so smooth and clean. I think that is why I am geting remarks from friends about how young I look. As you may know, I have a strict daily facial and body routine every morning. I have been doing for years and the results show.

So currently, I do not wear a lot of foundation. But I do like to highlight (lighten) and contour (darken) my face to create shadows and bright spots that help feminize the face.

I have had two makeovers over the past year, Clinique and Ulta Beauty. I liked Ulta Beauty makeover the best and incorporated a few of her suggestions. 1) two foundations and 2) darker lipstick.

One of my new looks will be changing from a red blush to a bronze blush. I have seen a few woman with it and I like the look.

Below is an inforgraphic on how to apply highlight and countour lines on your face. It does not take long to apply and does make a difference.

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