Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday November 25, 2016 - Getting back to normal?

Thursday I felt better than I had in weeks. I wrote a post about my HRT meds and whether something is wrong with my current set of pills. I have not been mentally or physically feeling the same as the past 4 months. Maybe I had a bad batch of pills.

Well my friends who read this blog gave me their thoughts that made me pause. I also posted a question on Reddit and received some good comments.

Well yesterday, I felt great all day. I felt the changes. My breasts were alive again and I felt calm and attractive.

I thought about this and I realize that this major I project I had been working on, was very stressful and I was not getting enough sleep. I finished and delivered the project Wednesday afternoon. Wednesday night, I finally got 7+ hours of sleep instead of 3/4 hours.

Thursday was the first day in three weeks, I felt great and without that project in front of me. For example, I felt my breasts moving and "in the way",unlike the last three week.

I can not say much about the project except to say, I have seen what will cause the "death"of utility companies. Like other industries, the coming technological singularity is going to disrupt and collapse the energy industry, within the next decade. Look at all of the industries the smartphone has disrupted and collapsed in the past decade.

Anyway, I fell much better and ate too much. I have to work Friday, but I am going to take off this weekend and get some more rest.


  1. I'm glad you have turned a corner and are feeling more like the real you. Now, along with all of your other carefully-calibrated goals and objectives, perhaps it is time to add adequate and regular sleep patterns.

    I hope you won't label me a hypocrite for writing about good sleeping habits since it is quite obvious that I don't practice what I preach. However, I really struggle with staying asleep. It has been many months since last I felt well-rested. Sleep-deprivation changes everything: how you feel like in general, how you feel about yourself, what you are able to accomplish, and how your brain functions (or in my case doesn't function). Alas recognizing the importance of sleep doesn't necessarily lead to healthy sleep habits. Pity that...

  2. You are so right. I struggle to sleep at night. But I am going to keep trying.