Thursday, February 9, 2017

Thursday February 9, 2017 - Rumors about a Religious Freedom executive order

There have been rumors that the Trump Administration is floating around a Religious Freedom executive order that would allow individuals and businesses to refuse service based on their religious beliefs. I do not think this will happen. At least I hope not.

Here is why.

Below are results from a 2016 American Values Atlas national poll that sorts people by religious groups. The first chart shows that almost 60% of  all Americans favor Same-Sex marriage.  Of the 16 religious groups, only 6  have a minority that favor same-sex marriage.

Yet, when asked whether they support small businesses denying service to the LGBT community based on personal religious value, 5 of those six groups are against that by over 50%. The last group still has a plurality against denying service based on personal religious values.

Five of the six religious groups that have  minority support for same-sex marriage have been on the negative side of service refusal in the past.

I think this administration has learned from the poorly developed immigration ban, that a religious belief ban against the LGBT community would be tough on them.

Tomorrow is the end of my 8 month on HRT. I will have my monthly measurement post. I wanted to go bra shopping, earlier this week, but I was too busy. I am going to try to do some bra shopping today or tomorrow.

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  1. I hope you are right about the Anti-LGBT EO but one thing I think we can count on. The current regime does not care about what American's think. As long as Pence, Tony Perkins and Franklin Graham have Trump's ear and Steve Bannon is writing Trump's EOs, which he has admitted he didn't always know what he was signing, we are in jeopardy. It is being leaked out from the WH all they have to do to get Trump to do something is tell him Obama wouldn't do this or Obama wouldn't sign that. No, I think they backed off because they knew right on top of the immigration EO it would be too much. I am afraid it is still coming, just not as soon as Evangelicals would have liked.