Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday July 5, 2017 - Growing pains

I got back from Orlando last night and went out to see some fireworks. I was sitting with my granddaughter as she marveled at the show. It made me think of all past decades of fireworks, I have seen and where I saw them. From a young child to a teenager. From a young adult to an empty nester. Life is interesting with its ups and down. Overall, I have enjoyed the ride and look forward to future travels.

When I got home and went to bed. Once in the bed, I noticed that my breasts were sore. I could not find a comfortable position, except on my back. My breasts were sore to the touch all over. Normally, they may be sore, if I lay on my stomach. But this time, even on my side they hurt. I had to place a pillow or my hand under them to give me support, if I were on my side.

Also, my nipples were very sensitive. When I was trying to find a good sleeping position, every time I rubbed my nipples up against something I felt electricity run thru me.

I ended up having to sleep on my back.

I think I am going thru another growth spurt. My breasts are getting in the way again. I feel them against my arms and my nightgown felt tight across my chest. I have had this gown for years and always felt comfortable. Its still comfortable, but now its stretching across my chest.

This morning I definitely put on a bra for support. I can tell that the 36D is going to be needed soon. The 36C, I am wearing, is full. It will not take much more before I am "spilling out" of that 36C.

My sports bra, that I wear while in boy mode, no longer hide me. It's the larger shirts with double chest pockets that work. I will need to get some more of these shirts. Also, I need some tight T-shirts to wear under these shirts and over the sports bra.

One recommendation, I will make to anyone considering HRT, remember that there will be changes for years, not months.

Get ready.

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