Saturday, July 29, 2017

Saturday July 29, 2017 - Forgot my meds

I am in Memphis, TN, visiting a few clients. DARN, I forgot my meds. I left them on the bed, in my travel med container.

This is why I use a national pharmacy. I use Sam's because of price as a Sam's Plus member. But also because I can get emergency refills at any Sam's.

So this morning I went to Sam's and purchased a set of refills.  I do not want to go a few days without my meds. I am in just a good place mentally, I am afraid to go without them. I admit that I forget get to take my morning pills about once a week. When I  miss my morning pills, I do not double up. I just take my evening meds.

I worry that if I do not take my meds over a long weekend (3/4 days) I might get menopausal symptoms. Also, I worry about my dysphoria coming back and losing my current calm demeanor.

It does not matter if its Sam's, WalMart, Krogers or CVS. Having your prescription with a national pharmacy provides other benefits than just price.

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