Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday June 22, 2017 - Physical Changes - 1 Yr of HRT

Over the past year, there have been many  physical changes due to the HRT. I am very satisfied this these changes and I expect the changes to continue.

My skin became very smooth. I had my own lotion that  I use to put on every day before I started HRT. Now I only use liquid Vitamin E in the morning. I do put Coconut Oil on my breasts to stop any stretch marks.

I had been shaving my legs since 1985, at least once a week. In 1995, I started shaving my whole body from the neck down. Before HRT, I use to enjoy my weekly bubble bath and shave. I would then lotion my whole body with coconut based lotion I made.  I felt so clean, smooth and feminine afterwards.

Now, my body hair stopped growing. I still shave under my arms and between my legs, but my torso, legs and arms no longer need shaving.

I had four years of electrology, so my beard is gone. I still get a few stray hairs which I shave once every few days with a razor. No water, soap or shaving cream is needed.

My face has changed. My skin is now very smooth and soft. I do not need much foundation anymore and the look after foundation is added, is very silky. Fat has been added to my face and its not as angular and has a  fullness to it. My cheeks are rounder and more prominent.

Before HRT

I remember as a pre-teen praying at night that I would grow breasts. Then when I developed Gynocomastia, I got scared (LOL). Finally, I have them and I am so happy. I had hoped to develop a B or C cup based on my sister and mother. My maternal Grandmother was large but my paternal Grandmother was small. I found out in August 2016, from a second cousin, that the women on my paternal Grandfather's side were very big and many had breast reduction surgery. The current female off-spring are still having that issue today.

For me, I could not ask for better results. I had worn a racing bra everyday since 1990. I started HRT wearing a 36 bra without a labeled cup size. I moved up to a 36A, then 36B and I am now a 36C. I think over this next year, I could grow to a 36D or bigger. My 36C bras now leave an impression on my chest, when I remove them. So another growth spurt will take me into the 36D cup.

Start of HRT


My overall shape below my breast line has slimmed down from a 36/38 to a 34/35.5.  I would like to get back in the gym to take off that 1.5 inches around my belly button. My hips are at 39", so they are wider than my torso. With my breast growth, I have a more hourglass shape.

I need to help this shaping by walking and exercising.

I have always had pretty legs. I got them from my mother. Now that they do not grow hair, I no longer need to shave them. They are now naturally soft and smooth.

I am very pleased with my results and will continue. I am getting my blood sugar under control thru diet, so I plan on getting back in the gym very soon. Now with my new shape, I am not sure how I will present in the gym. I think I will stay as a very feminine male with boobs.

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