Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tuesday June 27, 2017 - Bra Shopping

I do my bra shopping at thrift stores. I do this because I still growing and my bras are only wearable for a few months. Therefore, I go to thrift stores, where the price is much cheaper than full price stores.

Yesterday, I was looking for my first 36D bra. I also decided to buy a 34D bra. My bra band line is measured at 34. So why not try a 34D bra?

I could not find any nice or cute 36D or 34D bras. There were many nice C cup bras. But only 2 nice looking D cup bras. But each of them were in poor condition. The 34D  bra was missing a strap while the 36D bra had its underwire metal band sticking thru the bra.

So I purchased two tan bras, one of each size. I did not like that tan color but I wanted try them on.

The 34D bra had a snug fit and I had a hard time putting it on and turning the band around. The problem with the 34 inch bra, is that it's too snug. This is a strapless bra, but the issue was with the fit.

So for now, I will stick with a 36 inch bra.

This 36D bra fit, but did not look good on me. The material stretches and it did not feel good.

I really hope to find some pretty 36D bras in the next couple of weeks.

I have a Dr's appointment this Thursday. I think I am going to get a professional fitting, after my appointment.

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