Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday November 14, 2014 - At Home

I have some work I must get done today. So I can not get out, except to the gym tonight. So I decided to wear a dress and heels. As a femboy, I am not going to dress like this. I will wears dresses/skirts with my hair (wig).

I will be a lady and not a femboy. I will not say I am passing, I am just being the lady within.

Here is what I am wearing. What do you think?

I like sweater dresses. I am wearing a small and I like the picture above that shows a nice rear. However, I still need to hold my stomach in to get that straight line going down the front.

Sorry about the clothes clutter in the back. I was trying on stuff to see what I wanted to wear. I promise to be a good girl and have it cleaned by this afternoon. Once I finish my work.

I am currently trying to get my weight down to under 160 lbs. I am exercising and using myfitnesspal. This is a test, because if I go on hormones, I want to start out at sub 160 lbs and maintain that weight for 30 to 60 days.

While under hormones, I want to take the first month or two to adjust to a feminine mindset and adjust my body so that when I start to gain weight, it will be in the right places ;-}.

I am usually around 165 lbs. However, this summer I did not exercise as much and gained about 7 lbs. So I know that if I exercise (1 hour of cardio) and eat right (1500 calories), I can lose about 1.2 lbs per day.

I am at 170.2 today. So I am going to exercise and eat right for the next 9 days. If it works, I will be at 159.4. I will let you know how it goes.

So I consider this a test (game) that motivates me to keep my weight down. Plus as a femboy, I look better thin and I love shopping for single digit size clothes. I remember when I was at 1X or size 16/18.

If I could only get my shoe size down to single digit. I wear a 12M. I use to wear a 12W. The width changed when I lost weight and that helped a lot.

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