Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday November 4, 2014 - Femboys Rule!

I went out today in femboy mode and had the best day ever!

I wore a blue based outfit with black flats. Today was cool in the morning and I did not have a women's jacket, so I wore a blue sweater with my blue jean leggings. I did not have a good blue base color pair of shoes.

So today, I decided to see if I could find a pea coat and some boots.

I went to:
Beauty World: bought 2 rings and 2 bracelets
Shoe World: bought brown flats - found brown thigh hi boots that fit well but cost too much

Goodwill: found two jacket, but the two I really liked were too small. They were both black stretchy Pea Coats. I loved the look and will have to hunt for them in a larger size. The arms and length were good, but the shoulders and width were slightly too small.

While at Goodwill, the best thing ever happened to me. A lady shopping in the same rack as me, asked if I was a fashion designer. I said no and she preceded to compliment me on my outfit and style and that I looked so good, she thought I was a designer.

I was on cloud nine. This was the third store I was in and I received only compliments all day. I was called mama by some and sir by others. I did not care. I had to show my male ID twice and there was no reaction and I reacted like it was no big deal, because it is not.

I felt so comfortable all day. I went to CVS and the guy at the register called me Sir about five times. I did not care. Yes I am a guy, a FEM guy. So where you call me mama, like the lady at Michaels or sir, like the guy at CVS, SO WHAT!

Micheaels: used a coupon to buy a cute glass star pendant.

Goodwill #2: found two women ID holders, but no pea coats

I needed to change my male ID holder. In the future, I will change my ID holder, to better match my purse.

Ultra: bought mascara and brown brow pencil. I was treated as a woman customer the whole time in the store.

They asked if I needed help and I said yes. I wanted to start wearing black and not clear mascara. I am now good at putting on the clear mascara every day. So I asked about how to find the best mascara for me. The lady recommended an expense one and told me to use the tester and try some.

I did try it on one eye and the difference was major. It made my eye really stand out and I could see my long lashes. I could not afford that brand, so she recommended a less expensive brand and I bought it. I also bought a brow pencil based on her recommendation. I signed up for their fee card. I am going to come back and get a makeover.

It was a fantastic day. I am ready to transition into a full time femboy, NOW. However, my job will not accept this. So within a short time, I will change jobs and go full time. But its going to take some some to finish my electrology, find a set of wigs (can not wear a hat 100% of the time) and complete some minor face work.

Once I go full time femboy, then I will slowly become full time woman with wig and voice. Finally, I will take hormones, I found a doctor who I am now using as my regular doctor. After 12 months on hormones, I will see where I go from there.

Well I have to get ready to go to the gym. I am trying to keep my weight down leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What we femboys must due to stay thin and trim.

Femboys Rule!

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