Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thursday November 6. 2014 - Femboy Day

I went out as a femboy looking for a leather short pea coat. After I found two of them on Tuesday that were too small, I decided to spend the afternoon looking at thrift stores for one in my size.

I wore a brown and dark green base outfit. After I got dressed, I found a hole in my brown leggings. I was upset, because my whole outfit was based around those jeans.

I switched to my dark blue jeans, which was OK, buy not as good as those brown ones.

So also with my pea coat hunt was my dark brown jean hunt.

I went to four Goodwill stores and a Salvation Army store, but could not find anything.
I did find some nice tight dark brown jeans, but I did not want to pay that much. I am so frugal.
I went into another store and had something strange happen to me. There were not many in the store. As I walked in, the sales lady behind the counter said hello. I did not answer because I was thinks about the jeans. She said hello again a bit louder and more persistent. I waved and said hello.

She then looked as her associate and laughed. The other associate kept working and said nothing.
I spent time looking for those jeans in the dark brown. They did not have them, so I left.
Later, I thought about it. I am not trying to pass. I am a femboy. So if I use my male voice, so what?
I noticed the counter lady who laughed had a great hair style. I should have engaged her while I was shopping and compliment her on her hair.

Next time I encounter someone like that, I will respond with grace and compliment that person.
Now, I  encounter a negative situation very infrequently. But in the future when I do encounter a negative response, I am going to followup with a compliment toward them.

I feel we must get out there and interact with the public, if we are to be accepted. Sure there might be uncomfortable moments and even threats, but that happens sometimes when in boy mode. So take care, just like any woman would do. I think one of this issues for us (I talked about this in an earlier post), is that at as a guy, we do not feel the lurking from guys that are hunting women. But when we go out as a women, we feel it and we think its because we are transgendered.

Check these two videos out. Especially, the second one. The second one is about a men passing as a women to test male harassment.

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