Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday March 4, 2017 - My bras

I finally figured out, the best way to store my bras.

I did not realize how many bras I  bought in the past year. I still need a few more 36B bras. I am going to get a black bra and a white bra. I saw a black 36B bra, but I did not buy it because I thought my current black bra was a 36B. It was a 36A.

Here are my old 36A bras

I am going to take these 36A bras to the thrift store.

Here are my 36B bras

I want to add a white bra and a black bra.

Here are my new 36C bras

I am going to start looking for 36C bras for my future wardrobe.

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