Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday March 17, 2017 - I told my Former boss and mentor of 40 years

As part of my current plan, I am telling my oldest friends about my transgender issues. Earlier this year I told my best friend of 50 years.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my former boss. We spent about ten minutes updating each other about or children and grandchildren. He and his wife are the godparents for my youngest daughter.

I meet him in 1977, when as a college Jr, I took one of his first classes, Principle of Finance. I was an accounting major and I found finance fascinating. I was memorized my this young teacher and the subject. Over that semester, I met with him as I decided that I wanted to change from accounting to finance. At the time Morehouse did not have a finance major. So he suggested a masters program in the northeast. I decide I did not want to go back up north. So I enter Georgia State. At the time he was finishing his Ph.D. in Real Estate fiance at the same school.

After receiving my MBA, he recommend that I apply for a job at Morehouse. After a few years he became Dean and my boss for 30+ years. He retired and I followed him out the door. Currently, we own a real estate consulting business.

I started by telling him I feel great. I thanked him for 40 years of mentorship and friendship.

I was the motivating factor for him to lose weight and get in shape back in 2010. So I told him that the real reason why I lost all that weight in 2010 was because I have gender dysphoria and have been battling it for 50 years.

He is very analytical, so we spent the next 30 minutes talking about gender issues and how society is coming around to the fact gender is blurring. He was very supportive and thanked me for telling him.

I showed him my recent picture with his goddaughter.

It always surprises me how much she looks like me.

I also showed him my blog picture.

He was surprised how natural I look and would have never guessed.

We then moved on to business issues. I have two large projects what will start and I need some of his labor hours in both projects.

Overall, our talk went well. This is my third of four talks with people I have know over 40 years. I will then move on to those I have know for 20 years or less until I reach out to all friends.

Even though I changed my plans and I am not planning to present 24/7, I still want to come out on an individual basis to everyone. I think that will also help our cause because polling shows that people who know someone who is a transwoman or transman is more supportive of our rights.

Next Thursday is my nine month medical check up. I can not wait to talk to my doctor about revised plans.

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