Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday March 14, 2017 - Bra Shopping

Yesterday, I received a text about a 50% sale at the local Thrift Store. This is a newer store, where they hang up and label the bras. So I decided to go and maybe buy something.

Shopping for bras in boy mode is no longer an issues for me. I remember the days, when I could not build up the nerve to shop for female items in boy mode.  But my time in 2015, presenting as a femboy, taught me that people really do not care. I received more positive compliments when presenting as a feminine male than I do when presenting as a male or female.

While shopping, I found two 36C bras, that I liked.

I like this bra because the straps are to the side and the way the cups are placed, it gives a push up and lift. I look fuller and this bra would work during the warm months and a lower cut neckline. This is a nice push up style bra.

The stars on the side are cute. The red color will mean that this bra will not work with certain lighter tops. I was looking for a black bra and a white one, but could not find either color.

This is a full coverage bar. The cups cover me fully and the straps are more toward the center than the red bra straps.

I plan on wearing this bra for support under an outfit with a higher neckline. For example, I could wear this under a sweater.

I like the color and the embroidery on the cups.

The best part of the purchase was the price. Each bra costs only $2.62. With 50% off, I decided to purchase any bra that was a 36C. These were the only two in that size. I am going to go there every time I get a 50% off text, just to check out the inventory.

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