Sunday, April 16, 2017

Sunday April 16, 2017 - I no longer see the movies the same way.

Saturday night, I went to see the new Furious 5 movie. This is the third action movie I have seen, in which  I fell asleep during the movie.

I use to love action movies. But I find them OK, but some times they are boring. I fell asleep during Assassins Creed, XXX and now this one. I now find action movies boring and predictable.

I love movies like the Shack, Fences and La La Land. In the past, I would have never gone to see The Shack and La La Land. I cried during all three of these movies and found them compelling.  I like movies with a message, not mindless action.

I still like Science Fiction. I loved the Star Wars movie and Star Trek is still my favorite. But I will not be seeing the new Aliens. Its too predictable and I will probably find it boring with mindless action.

This is a change and I point it to my HRT.

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