Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wednesday April 19, 2017 - Tips to help you feel more feminine while in boy mode

Decades before I started this recent HRT journey, I lived full-time as a male. To help with my dysphoria, I began to do thinks that helped me feel more feminine.

Below is a recent Reddit post with some ideas. I followed this post with some comments of my own and some additional tips.

Simple tips to help you look and feel feminine from asktransgender

My comments:

  1. I did start wearing woman' deodorant in the 1980's and no one ever said anything.
  2. In 1990, after I told my parents that the therapy did not work and I was still a "crossdresser", I started wearing woman's underwear. I have not worn male underwear since 1990. Its very empowering. I added sports bras in 1995.
  3. It was only recently, I started getting pedicures but I have not had a professional manicure. I usually do my own nails and keep them clean and use clear polish (without a shine).
  4. I never added makeup, but some of his ideas are possible.
  5. I tried to watch "girl" TV and movies. I even tried to read female-based books. But I could not get into them until 6+ months on HRT. As I stated in a recent post, my interest in movies has changed. I am going to try books again.
  6. In the late 1980's , I began mixing female clothes into my male wardrobe. They had a male look to them but were purchased in the woman's section. I added flat, pants and shirts. No one ever said anything. I was once interviewed in the 1994 on ESPN and ABC network news and I was wearing 100% female clothes that had a male look. I never had a negative comment. I look at the videos today and smiled.
  7. In the 1980's I began shaving my legs. In the 1990's, I added my whole body that included underarms and genital areas. I have kept my body hairless since then. I never had an issue with hairless legs, even at the beach or pool.
In summary, there are many ways to add femininity while in male mode. I suggest you slowly try it. I helped me with my dysphoria. 

However,  I had to keep adding things in order to keep the dysphoria at bay. I think this is because eventually the feminine change becomes normal and you have to feed to dysphoria something else.

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  1. Great post and good advice. I have no plans to transition or to even consider HRT but I have been wearing panties and pantyhose under my slacks for decades. Most of the time I will wear socks over my hose but very often I will remove my socks and allow my nylon clad ankles to show.
    Over the past decade I have added a bra or sports bra. As I sit here in my office I have on a black bra under my shirt. I wear small forms (chicken cutlets) but then as I head out at the end of the day I may add my regular forms.
    Mornings as I leave the home I swab on some flesh toned lipstick. On occasion I will swipe on a bit of mascara or even some foundation.
    My body is free of hair and I have never had an issue with displaying hairless legs or arms.
    These small acknowlegments do help me feel good. In part it seems like I am amused knowing that whoever I may be dealing with in my business and professional and even my personal relationships have no clue that the guy they are dealing with has these clothes on under his male attire. It is nice to be in on a secret.