Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday April 28, 2017 - 1,000 Blog Posts

I did not realize it, but yesterday was my 1,000th post on this blog. So I decided to go back to the first post.

I did not realize that I started this blog 3 years and 20 days ago. I did not start posting everyday until December 18, 2014.

Over this three year plus period I have discussed alot of issues and have tried to share with you in an open and informative way, my personal issues with my gender dysphoria.

I had already lost weight and was having my bread removed, when I started this blog.

I looked at the changes over the past 3 years. My facial appearance has changed from Sept 2014 (left) to April 2017 (right). I seem more relaxed with better makeup and a more confident overall look. The HRT is definitely working.

The left picture below show me shopping as a "femboy" in 2015. I spent about 18 months getting comfortable in public as a feminine looking guy. I had no problems and had many compliments from woman. The right picture below in me in January 2017, going out as Susan King.

I have come along way in a relatively short period of time. I like both the physical changes and mental changes.

This blog is not over as I hope to go until at least until June 10, 2018, which will be my second anniversary on HRT.

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  1. A significant milestone. Congratulations! I haven't been along for the entire 1000 postings ride, but I have read most of what you written. I can't say I agree with everything you have written, but I always find food for thought. it has been remarkable journey. Onward!