Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday April 3, 2017 - Saturday, I did go shopping.

Saturday, I went our shopping for some nice tops. I decided to reduce but upgrade my female wardrobe in case I want to present as a woman. I have been updating my male wardrobe, adding spring shirts and pants.

One of my problems is that my eating to control my diabetes is causing a slight weight gain. I can feel it in my clothes. At the Doctor's office last Thursday, it does not show much gain, but I can still feel it.

The eating is working, but I am going to have to get back in the gym.With my new body, I do not think my old female gym clothes will work. I was a little smaller then and they were already tight.

I did not find and female tops, but I did find a bra, I liked. It was on sale, so I bought it. I loved the color and the lace.

Most of my 36C bras are red or have red in them. I want to add a white, black and other color bras. But only when I find good deals.

I did buy 3 new male spring tops. I threw away my old male tops because they did not hide my breasts. These new ones have two front pockets and are slightly bigger. They did not have a"noisy" print.

I want to go to the beach, this spring. So I am trying to figure out what I can wear while in boy mode. I use to always wear a T-shirt. But now that does not give me enough coverage.

I might need a FTM binder that I can wear under a T-shirt.

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