Monday, January 16, 2017

Monday January 16, 2017 - The right overcoat

Try to find that right overcoat for winter can be frustrating. I bought a cute black and white short coat in 2015. I love that coat and get a lot of compliments. But I need a longer overcoat.

Buying the right coat is based in part on your body type.

Below is an inforgraphic on coat options for woman with a rectangular shape.

I like the Tulip-hem coat. It's cute with the peek-a-poo front. But you need  pretty legs and/or nice pair of skinny pants.

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  1. I prefer the semi fitted flared coat. But it doesn't work with all the dresses I like wearing.


    BTW: Please look at my blog - there is someone who wants to slam us for being who/what we are. I'd love to get a few good responses other than mine for Monday's entry.