Saturday, September 24, 2016

Saturday September 24, 2016 - How I created my female look

There are five items (tools) I use to create the Susan look. I am going to use the last selfie I took before I started HRT. This look is now changing due to HRT and I will have to change the use of these tools. To me this constant change is part of the fun of being a girl.

Here are the five items I built my look around.
  1. Hair
  2. Eyebrows
  3. Glasses
  4. Foundation
  5. Earrings 

My hair is the biggest item I have to create my feminine look. I love this wig and it took me awhile at the beauty store to find it. After trying on at least 5 other wigs, once the clerk put that one on me, I saw Susan the way I thought she should look. The brown color softens my look, the side part is cute and the big swooping bang that covers one eyebrow and almost one eye is sexy. The wig changes the height of my face by covering my forehead. My hair gives my face a very feminine and sensual look.  

I use a eyebrow pencil to frame and fill-in my eyebrows. Even though only one eyebrow shows, it defines my face with a small arch at the outer part of my eyes. Its an attempt to open up my eye area and provide a more youthful look.

I went to LensCrafters  as a feminine boy for both the eye doctor's appointment and when I came back to buy the glasses. My glasses are from the woman's section. Because of the way I was dressed and the type of color I wanted color in my glass frame, the clerk took me to the woman's section. I wanted large frame glasses that would make my face look smaller in comparison. These were the largest frames they had. I would have liked the bridge to be even with the top of the right and left frame. However the bridge is slightly lower, but it still works.

I use two different foundation colors. I use a lighter color under my eyes to brighten that area and blush at the apple of my cheeks then up and around under my eyes sockets to my temple. I contour (darken) under my blush area and along the top part of my cheeks. It took me a few attempts before I found a foundation color I like and that matches my skin color. This makeup makes my face look feminine and flawless. Part of that is due to years of a daily skincare routine that keeps my face soft and clean.

My earring are not seen in the picture. But I am wearing jewel stud earrings that match my dress color.

I am not wearing a hat and I have not figured out how to choose a hat that fits my style. 

Overall, one of the things I love about being either a part time or full time woman is developing my own style and getting that look that matches my inner feelings.

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