Sunday, August 13, 2017

Sunday August 13, 2017 - End Male Fail

Saturday was a very busy day for me. I had a presentation in the morning and hung out with my
Grandkids in the afternoon and evening.

We went to the movies,  shopping, dinner and visiting my brother. I now understand why people retire and say they want to spend more time with their grandkids.

Friday a bought this new stretch  T-shirt. I was a  woman's size small and I put it in over my sports bra.

It fits very tight and does a good job of flatting my chest, when in boy mode. I found it at Goodwill and plan on going to hunt for more.

Before T-shirt with regular bra.

After T-shirt over sports bra

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  1. It is a remarkable transformation. One wouldn't think that a sports bra would be so effective.