Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday August 22, 2017 - Sexuality and HRT

One of the biggest changes under HRT is how my body has changed when dealing with intimacy.

The 40+ years of puberty until June 10, 2016, I learned and expected my body and mind to react in a certain way. Males who read this post understand what that is. Sometimes, just thinking about it get you ready. You are on a hair trigger and it does not take much.

However, under HRT, so much has changed.

Mentally, I do not think about it often. I am still attracted to woman but I do not get stirred up when I see a pretty woman. There is a calmness that is always there.

I no longer get an erection from just thinking about sex or intimacy. Usually it takes watching porn.

But also looking at myself nude. I never use to really look at myself as being sexually attractive. Now I do. Sometimes when passing a mirror to get in the shower, I get that feeling. I find my new body incredibly sexy.

Before my Doctor added generic Viagra, I could get an erection but I would not last. Now it does. But its how I get an erection that has changed.

I suspect that HRT's effect is different for everyone.

For me, I am still learning ow my new body works.  I can still function as a man, when the time comes. In the past my body would get ready quickly. Now, I need a some buildup time of kissing and intimacy to get in the mode.

As my life adjusts to HRT becoming an everyday normal part of my life, learning about my new body, both mentally and physically, is my main priority.

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