Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tuesday August 8, 2017 - Bra donation

Yesterday, I donated my 36B bras. I only had 4 of them, but I really liked them.

It's funny that I remember why and when I bought each of them.

  1. The yellow poke-a-dot was a bright a vibrant color. 
  2. The bra with the purple flowers was so feminine.
  3. The blue lace bra was my favorite
  4. The white poke-a-dot was my first 36B

These bras were my favorite because unlike my 36 and 36A bras, these bras had a cup size that made me feel very feminine.

I will miss them because I have not found a set of 36D bras that were this nice, colorful and feminine. I only have 2 - 36D bras. I did find a nice one at the thrift store where I donated the ones above. The problem was the price at $5.50. I am going to wait until 1/2 price day. (lol)

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