Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday August 30, 2017 - Adjusting my Bra straps

We older girls, never had those girl events in which we learned those little things about female clothes. I always buy my bras and just wear them. When I was filling them with socks, bird seed (Thanks Stana), paper, etc, I never thought about adjusting the bra straps.

Yesterday, I decided to play around with my bra and adjust the bra straps to see the impact. The impact was noticeable. I realized I can use the straps to change the look of my breasts when wearing certain clothes.

Here is the look when I loosen the straps to its largest length. I ended up with my bra cup opening up and creating additional space. This would allow more room for growth. The look in my orange top changed. The fullness was there but the cleavage is minimized.

Next I decided the tighten the straps and thus shorten the length of the straps. Notice the space within the bra disappears and it lifts my breasts. Now notice my cleavage in the same orange top. Its full and it makes my breasts look bigger and fuller.

I now realize that I can use the straps of my bras, to change my look and adjust it for the dress and/or top I want to wear.

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