Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturdkay August 19, 2017 - I am back

I am back. This week, I had a combination of writers block, a lot of work to get out and being tired.

Thank you for the emails of concern.

This brings up my new theory about life and existence.

We all have friends or know people only thru this virtual world. We access this world thru our machines (PC, mobile phone, tablet). If our device breaks, we can not longer communicate with our virtual community. We become "dead" to our community. However, it is assumed that we can fix or replace our technology and get back. Or in my case, I took sometime in the physical world to get some work completed and to relax. Now I am back.

What if our body is our "technology" to communicate in this physical world (reality)? The problem is that once this body breaks, we can no longer communicate with others in this reality. We can not buy another body and continue.

It's assumed, we are "dead". Once or body breaks, maybe we just move on with our other existence. Just like I did this past week.

Until we can upload ourselves into a cloud harddrive (Ray Kurzweld), which will allow us to have a new body "technology" build, death in this physical is final.

Who know? But I think we are about to find out in the next twenty years.

Meanwhile, I have alot to talk about with my virtual community

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