Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday August 9, 2017 - Going back two years

Tomorrow in the end of my 14th month on HRT. I was deciding what to post today, so I decided to go back to my August 2015 posts, to see what I was writing about.

I was amazed at the subject matter and how much I have changed in those 2 years. I had known, in August 2015 that HRT was coming in about 10 months.

Approximately 90%-95% of the posts were about my personal female issues, I was discussing clothes, going out as a femboy and learning how to interact with the world as a female.

I could tell, my transition was a driving force in my life.

Now after 14 months of HRT, my public transition is not that important. I really love where I am mentally and physically. You might say I am in between because I can present at either a male or female.

I mostly dress in public as a male and enjoy buying male clothes. I still buy female clothes, but it's not a driving force. I look for female items that create a new wardrobe or enhance a current one.

But I do not make special time to just look for female clothes. Except for bras.

I have made peace with my public appearance.

Its now the social area that I am working on. Telling friends and finding new ones.

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