Friday, May 19, 2017

Fridaay May 19, 2017 - You never know what people are thinking.

When I started going out in late 2014 as a feminine boy (Femboy) and later as Susan, I was worried about public reaction. As I look back on it, I can not remember many reactions. But I did get some very positive reactions from woman.

I do remember the looks from people. We assume that the looks are negative. But what if.......

Below is a repost of a story I read on Reddit, yesterday. You never know what people are thinking when they stare.

This is why I believed that even though I could not pass, it was important for me to go out in a feminine style outfit. It not only helped me with my confidence but I think if helped the community understand that we do exist and I found out that the vast majority of people real do not care.

A positive experience with a stranger, or, why I transitioned this way. from transpositive

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  1. A beautiful message and one well worth sharing. I do believe that good comes from as many T girls being out and around as possible. In my case I think that I could get out from time to time but my wife has many fears. From time to time she does encounter other non-passing T girls and the more of this she encounters the more her fears of my getting out may abate. It is all good.