Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday May 8, 2017 - More trans-youth demand transgender healthcare

I took this weekend off. I was so busy with giving and grading Senior finals along with hanging out late at night, I could think of anything to add to this blog. So I decided to take Saturday and Sunday off. I was just mentally exhausted.

I am back and ready to go. All of my grading will be complete by Wednesday. But then four large business projects will begin that will keep me busy over the summer.

No rest for the weary.

My 11 month HRT anniversary is Wednesday.

Below is an article about the rise is children and teens requesting Transgender healthcare. This new Generation Z (Post Millennials) is going to be very trans supportive.

More transgender youth demand medical treatment

It's a familiar refrain: The child knew from the beginning. Yet for many older transgender individuals forced to live inauthentically for years or even decades, medical treatments weren't available to ease the transition. That was before an Olympic gold medalist introduced herself as Caitlyn, teen transgender activist Jazz Jennings dished on dating, and a smattering of television shows depicted positive transgender characters.

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