Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday May 16, 2017 - So Busy

The last few days and the next few weeks are a busy time for me. I have so much activity going on.

First it's, the end of the Spring Semester and my grades are due. It's the time when the "graduating" seniors are exciting and stressed. This semester I have mostly seniors and they must pass this class to graduate. Of course, a few will not pass and they try everything to get a last minute passing grade. I have been at this for over 35 years and know all of the excuses (I have then numbered, Lol), all the tricks and all the crying. I am not being mean but if you had 4 months to study and pass this class, and decided other things were more important, then you must live that those decisions. I do not flunk students, they flunk themselves based on their decisions. So far two seniors have flunked with another two on the edge. So it could be 4 out of 35, which is about right, 10%.

Second, I have taken on two large projects in the company, which has me working all out to meet some tight deadlines. I just do not have much time to put into posting for the next 4 to 5 weeks.

Third, I am coming up on 1 year on HRT and it now feels so normal. My body and mind have changed so much.

  1. My driving behavior has changed. I no long get upset or worry about crazy drivers. In the last few days, I had a driver pass by me a curse at me and another give me the finger. Those actions would have cause a negative reaction from me. But I just brushed it off. 
  2. I have not been following sports at all. I find it boring.
  3. The movies I like have changed. I am no longer interested I seeing the new Aliens movie. Action movies are OK, but I like a good story. I liked The Wall better than King Arthur.
  4. I still like SF books, But I think I am ready to find a good romantic book. A book with a good story line with developed characters.
  5. My body continues to slowly feminize and I feel great. With my dysphoria gone, I feel free to present how I want, when I want. I will present more female during the summer, with school out. 
  6. I am going to get back into the gym. I have a new goal to get my stomach measurement (35.5") to equal my bra strap measurement (34"). I like a challenge to motivate me. I want my stomach to be 34" and I want to show off my new figure. I will continue to present at the gym as a feminine male. So I will use the men's locker room.
I may miss a few days over the next month, but its only because of my schedule and changing priorities.

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