Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday May 2, 2017 - Good short video on Bra storage and care

I have been learning how to take care of my bras. I have written a few previous posts about this issue. Of course, in the past, I never had to worry about caring for bras. But nice bras are expensive. So I am trying to learn how to make them last longer.

Currently, I am buying my bras from Thrift stores because my size continues to change. But once my size stabilizes, I am going to buy some really nice ones.

The left picture is my bra drawn with my 36B bras. The picture below is how I am storing my 36C bras. I need to find a draw for my 36C bras. I think I am going to but my larger bras in the draw and the smaller cup size in my closet.

Below is a nice short video about caring for your bras.

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