Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Wednesday May 17, 2017 - Gay marriage support still growing

Society is becoming more tolerant as the Millennials take control over society based on their numbers and economic power.

The recent annual Gallup poll shows support for same-sex marriage continuing to grow.

Support grew 4% points over the past year and over 37% points (120+%) since 1996.

Support by Republicans grew faster than the other two groups. With a slight drop in the Democratic group. If it were not for the dip in the Democratic numbers, the overall growth would have been greater.

This is why most anti-gay organizations are going after Transgender issues and especially the bathroom issue as a wedge issue to go after gay rights. 

Same-sex issues will no longer move enough people to action. The bathroom issue will, so they include overall anti-gay attacks within the bathroom laws.

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