Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday October 29, 2015 - Feeling Good

I am feeling good today. Yesterday I took some fem-time and I feel pretty. Also, I have changed my workout routine and bought a Nutribullet to make smoothies. I can feel the difference.

I do not look like the photo on the left, yet, but I can get there. Just wait until 6 to 9 months on HRT.

I changed my workout routine last month. I am warming up with 15- 20 minutes on the stairmaster. Followed by 60 minutes to 120 minutes on the elliptical machine. My goal is 6 to 7 hours per week on the elliptical and 1 hour on the stairmaster.

The slow cardio burning is having an impact because my racing bras are feeling lose around the band. I think I am finally burning upper body muscle. It takes a long slow burn with long time cardio sessions to reach that muscle burning stage. The two hour sessions appear to be doing that.

Also, I started making home smoothies that I eat/drink after each workout. I make a simple smoothie with:

  1. 1 cup of raw strawberries or raspberries
  2. 1 cup of 2% milk
  3. 1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt
  4. 1 tablespoon of vanilla protein power
This is about 250 calories for 16 ounces.

My grandkids hate the drink because there is not enough sugar. I love it.

I have noticed in the last week that my energy level is up and the amount of calories burned per hour has increased. I know that these machines overestimate the amount of calories burned. But I use the number as a gauge over time, to see how much effort I am using.

In the late 2010 and throught 2011, I could "burn" 800 calories per hour. But over the past couple of years, 720 calories per hour was good. This summer, I was having trouble reaching 700 and sometimes I was in the 680 to 700 calorie per hour range.

However, over the past week, I am back in the 790 to 810 calorie per hour range and I can do that for the total two hour period. As a matter of fact, I find 1 hour of cardio is a warm up and I am ready for that second hour. I am having no problem with the 2 hour session. I might try three hours this Sunday while watching the NFL game, just to see how I perform.

In the meanwhile, my clothes are getting loose. My scale broke, so I have not weighted myself, but I feel great and appear to look thinner.

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