Saturday, September 3, 2016

Saturday September 3, 2016 - Feeling different today

I am feeling lazy today. I want to lay in the bed and snuggle with a nice soft teddy bear.

I have been having trouble sleeping the last few days. I like to sleep on my stomach but it now hurts my breasts when I put pressure on them. Two days ago, I saw my granddaughter and gave her a big hug, I ended up pressing her against my breast and I felt the pain shoot down its center.

Any pressure on my breasts creates that pain

As I lay here, writing this, I wonder if this is part of my mental changes. Its a feeling of wanting to be held and protected. And return that protection and caring with love and an inner peace.

Its not sexual but sensual. I have not has sexual urges in weeks. I have not thought about it. But this morning its different, its not between my legs but between my ears. It's feelings of loving, caring and companionship. Its though my soft skin that I crave these things.

I hope to shake these feelings, because I have some work I want to complete today. I am going to get up, eat, take my medicine and wear a cute outfit today. I am very confused this morning.

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