Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday September 30, 2017 - Friday was a busy day.

My phone broke yesterday morning and it messed my whole day up. It did not physical brake. It just died because I maxed out the memory, so it was dropping calls and running too slow. I had been working with it for months, but my tricks no longer worked.

I had to buy a new phone, but I hate paying more for my phone than my computer. By the time I found the phone I wanted, transferred all my contact and set the new phone up, I was way behind in my work. So I missed publishing my post yesterday.

I went shopping Thursday for bras, panties and stretch T-shirts. I did find two colorful regular bras at the thrift store, but both had wrinkled cups. I suspect those wrinkles were from washing and drying the bra incorrectly. (SEE: How to properly care for your bra).

I went to two Goodwill Stores and found 1 nice T-shirt. I like buying Extra Small or Petite Small. These tops have already been stretched from previous use and the smaller tops still have enough compression for me. I saw many Small to Large sizes, but like bras, I need to take my time and find the right one.

I am just adding to my collection, so I can be patient.

Finally, I could not figure out my next move on panties. I use to like to buy the same style in multiple colors. The last change I made was before the 2008 economic collapse. I bought Victoria Secret's Emma style. I am not going to pay that much money again. So I am going to need more time to hunt for a new style at a store like Kolhs.

Today, I am going to put in a full day at the office. I am behind in my schedule. So I will hunt for a new panty collection later.

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